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  1. @uH: im sorry i use opera, but the image still works i guess i wouldn't mind having a few Tsar Bombas in my closet myself
  2. huh. do we like ahmadinejad? im not exactly sure because i stray away from foreign relations and whatnot.
  3. NOO!! i was proud for a while..... BTW, uH i followed the instructions exactly, im just not sure what the end result is supposed to look like
  4. no guys peeing on the street? no cows? the photographer didnt know where to look @uH yeah i did Hey, every country has it's pro's and con's. In the US, you pretty much need health insurance, but they do have the richest economy in the world. In London, I can barely even go through the airport there...I was delayed for hours once when I was coming back from Toronto once... But you have to admire their vast heritage (There must be some old statue at the turn of every road!). So India, isn't all garbage :wink: . We still have scenic places like Ladakh and Mizoram, and the Ghats, and rich cu
  5. no guys peeing on the street? no cows? the photographer didnt know where to look @uH yeah i did
  6. :shock: Wasn't that your highest priority at the time? Wow, that's insane knowing that you had the highest post count there... Which reminds me about the time I got banned at the Gran Turismo Planet forums (I had almost 1000 post at the time). EDIT: Who else noticed that every sentence I typed in this post started with a "W"? including your edit?
  7. change the stick figures face to jerbert and uve got one awesome avatar
  8. wow is that size true at the date it was created? almost 24 petabytes.....
  9. a search bar in the top right of your browser that lets you add a search engine in about 2 clicks. its built in.
  10. you know, opera had that a long time ago......
  11. i watched 2.5 men for a while. really funny show. but it can get repititive over some time
  12. already had one 2.5 feet wide, except 2 digit candles 1 and 3 instead of 13. since no one has answered it yet, i got a piece of land, about the same amount of area that your house takes up
  13. i don't like bioshock, i already have photoshop, my friend has an xbox360 so i can mooch off him, ps3 is just way too expensive, I'd rather have linux
  14. A Wacom? That's what I'd be giddy about... my dad pretty much refuses to buy me a laptop until college. no hardware either. or cell phone until senior high.....
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