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  1. thanks everyone, i've learned a few things so far, i'd show them to you all, but i also do not know if/how i can post them on these forums got any other suggestions keep posting them!!
  2. i have a picture that is blurred and I really want to fix it b/c it is the best picture i have of my fiancee and his kids. is there any way to fix it?? if anyone thinks they can pm me w/ your email and i'll send it to you, i'd very much appreciate it. or if someone can tell me how to do it on paint.net, that'd work too thx *****
  3. I just got the paint.net program recently to edit photos. i know how to do a few things by trial and error. I've been looking at the tutorials and can see by far the number of things this program can do. What's the best way to learn this program?? a book would be nice :wink: any suggestions for a self taught newbie??
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