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  1. well for me using two objects separate from each other doesn't work at all
  2. hey if you have two objects in the layer with a transparent background it doesn't work It would be better if like the two objects keep the space in-between each other but they move to the side you want still...
  3. nice plug in I was tired of making them the long way lol
  4. my Sig came from a bumper sticker... lol jk I just put it there while I make the ultimate Sig ever
  5. I vote PDN because I have tried photoshop but the only good thing about photoshop is the brushes which tend to end up being played out at the end. in Paint.NET you can make your own style with out having to go through all these weird useless steps I always choose PDN and I plan to stay with PDN to see its changes and updates. although... I would love to have flash
  6. Rec

    Kiosk Orbs!

    great tutorial this should be stickied lol I never even thought about doing something like that hah
  7. I love this plug in lol I made 2 sigs already using this haha great job I wish I can make something this useful... edit: one thing you can do to make this effect look nice is add a horizontal motion blur it looks really nice
  8. I'm back with new images! lol Its been about two months that I've been away. Mainly because I got a virus but I rebooted my computer. After I had forgoten my password lol so now I got it back hope you like my set of images http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/3083/orbwithlightms3.png' alt='orbwithlightms3.png'> comments would be appreciated
  9. it works for me but i dont get how to make the shape or anything like that i just used the effect and then im lost
  10. to be more exact what is a shader??
  11. wait so how does this work? id like to use this
  12. yay i finally see a tutorial on this. I am a photographer, or at least i plan to be, and I had to learn the "Rule of Thirds" by myself. Thank you for this tutorial it will only help me more in accomplishing my dream.
  13. you may use any tutorial i have made and may make in time as long as i have credit for it
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