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  1. ...when you look at an advert in the street and think yuou could have done better ...the main topic of conversation is the latest PDN plugin ...every computer in school has PDN
  2. I just had an idea about how to spread paint.net you see firefox have this thing called firemongerhttp://www.firemonger.info/index.php?lang=en&page=home which is burnable material so when you want to give paint.net to someone you just burn the cd and give it away but the difference is that the cd contains all explanations links tutorials addons and so on so when somebody gets the cd he has a nice autostart with everything he needs. so what about that?
  3. ok then?? i mean the midle part has some kind ofa watary effect how can i reahc that??
  4. this is a thig from one of the forums which i loved and could you explain how i can reach something like this?/
  5. so i was doing a sig and suddenly it closes http://wquotes.googlepages.com/pdncrash.log here is the log file hope you fix the bug thanks
  6. i tryed once myself but failed i wish there was a prog for that
  7. no i will not use all of your bandwith i will host it on my sites and other sites too, if you would like to it will be just one link out of many
  8. Fine by me, happy to help. ok do you have google talk? my user name is
  9. ohh sorry now i get your point usedhonda i saw your wiki book. Well first of all mine is gonna be an independent application, NOT a web page. And honestly i got this idea myself. And if you wish so i can list you as one of the authors. And will you allow me to use your tuts?? off topic: cool sig. DO a tut sometime
  10. you will be the first tester if you want to just post here and i will give you the link.
  11. oh really?!!!! i think that we are thinking pretty similar, because the first idea i had was to create a plug in installer then i was told that you already where working on it. Now i decided to do this, and you come up and say you were doing this earlier. Anyway if so would you let me continue working on this project??
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