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  1. By good I mean, that it would *not* be using Microsoft .Net framework, will be easy to use, will provide all basic libraries, tutorials/help, code completion and will compile quite fast. The reason is that I cannot find anything matching these cryteria, because in MVS I can only create projects under .NET framework, that limits my programs/games to Windows apps only, and all other are uncomfortable to use... Oh, and it would be good, if it will have versions for Linux, MacOS, and probally other systems.
  2. I never use grid in Paint .NET, but recently I had to make something, but there is no option to change grid spacing... so would it be possible to see a customizable grid in next Paint.NET relase? Best with possibility to snap tools to it. So if it`s possible please add this feature, okay?
  3. I know, that it does not change the pixel values, but this effect has been written in CodeLab, and then I decided to make it in Microsoft Visual Studio, for better UI.
  4. I downloaded the Vandermotten framework, but i changed my mind, and then modified the source, so it don`t use it. I made the config dialog, token parameters, and made them update, everything is good except one thing: The render loop do not change the image! Can somebody tell me why, here is the source: Effect1.zip
  5. I don`t write so fast, so sometimes, when you work on something like big quality fractals it is annoying if you have to stop writing for a moment, just because it starts to compile.
  6. Yay! I cannot wait for the final version!!! CodeLab is so usefull, but there is one thing i want to ask for:Can you add option to not compile it every time when you stop writing? Sometimes it is annoying. :evil:
  7. No, these plugins aren`t any kind of advanced, they are quite simple, and when i was creating them I did it for fun, so they aren`t too proffesional. And that is why I think, that it may be easy, because there is CodeLab, creating few text boxes, and compiling their expressions don`t seem to be too hard, of course it wouldn`t be easy, like everything like this. These plugins was made with CodeLab, and creating plugins in it is very easy.
  8. What about programable layer blending modes? I`m not an expert, but i don`t think it would be hard to do. Just choosing the color model like: RGB, HSV, CMYK +Alpha.And four or five TextBox objects to enter expressions, and using variables for below layer:r1,g1,b1,a1 and for current layer:r2,g2,b2,a2 , and then just setting balance between current and below layer, first by current layer Alpha channel, then by opacity of the layer. If this would be possible, i`ll be very happy.
  9. Don`t know if this has something to do with this version, but Paint.NET initializes veeery slowly, last it took almost 30 seconds to run the program, maybe it`s because i almost haven`t got space on system disc, but before in 3.20, there were same amount of free space and it run fast. Do you know what is the reason?
  10. I`ve got Microsoft visual studio 2008, and much newer version of my plugin, but still thanks. And one more thing, how to create plugins in Visual studio, I know how to create UI, but inserting the code from CodeLab there results in some errors.
  11. I don`t want to create plugin for Paint.NET, I wan`t to create a simple graphic program myself! I made a game using Built-in Components and writing function, I know how to create classes, I created a component, but I don`t know how to make it visible!And I didn`t found a way to acces code of ready components. I made many plugins for Paint.NET, but I want to create something that will draw something on the form, or other component.
  12. Anything, anywhere, just draw something, like Line,dot,circle or rectangle.And anywhere on picture, on window, or anywhere, just draw something! About UI, I know how to create it, I`m not a moron, I`m just very very frustrated. EDIT:I want to create graphic program, where you can draw something like in Paint.NET
  13. Please help me, how to draw anything in C#. I wasted three days trying to do anything like that. First I tried creating System.Drawing.Bitmap, but I don`t know how to display it on form, I only managed to create a drawing and saved it, but it wasn`t visible on screen. Second I tried System.Drawing.Graphics, but I always get error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" I tried .CreateObjRef, but don`t know how to set type. Third I tried creating .BMP resource, setting it as image for PictureBox, but when I try to modify it I always get error: "SetPixel is not supported f
  14. Is it possible to create radial blur with quality lower than 1? It would be very usefull, I saw it while working on text, when I set angle to 360, center in corner and quality 1 I get some good effects. PS:text was on another layer in upper part of image, background transparent.
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