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  1. Woops! My bad. I'm going through a site redesign, and nuked the links. Doh! I've attached the plugins previously on my site to the post in a zip file - just so this won't happen again :-)
  2. That's the way it is! Not only you... New version 2.6 should help a bit. For one, you can stop any active operation... (at least it works for me!) and i stopped blending zero valued pixels - which for flares really improves things (not so much for spheres or diamonds). I'd be curious to hear if it seems any faster to you guys.
  3. Madjik - Yes! Thank you!!!!!!! Can't wait to get home and try this thing out. I was annoyed at the original Twist plugin too, but this looks AWESOME.
  4. Coming - as additional shapes. A couple of the current shapes approximate the earlier attempts very closely, but not exactly, but I'll be happy to add the others in... I may name them "legacy glow" and "legacy flare" or something similar to make it obvious which ones they are. Yeah..... I wish I knew of some speed optimizations. Unfortunately, the system, for every pixel it decides to process, has to then process ((size*2)+1)^2 pixels, which, say, for an image of 800 by 600 with an average size of 50 and, say, a few hundred flares... well... it adds up very quickly! (On the order of million
  5. Thanks! I'm glad you're having fun with it. Just FYI too - I also want to add an option that restricts the flare to your existing selection so that you would have pinpoint control over where the flare was generated. I think it would source the color from the Primary color, and probably fade out with Alpha (so it could be on a different layer) rather than the current method... Some of the options become a little meaningless in that world (like min/max size and probability...) but I think it would be cool for that perfectionist nature in me. I just have to figure out how to work the UI witho
  6. It'd be sort of like that... just need to figure out how I want the interface to work without making the interface more complicated...
  7. At the moment the plugin needs something in the image to "source" the flares and stars. A completely black background pretty much has a zero threshold value, which means the plugin will never find source material to work with. Try it with some random points on the background - you can use either the Stars codelab plugin in this forum (soon to be enhanced... :-) ), or the Add Noise effect; both should work. Or load a picture that has some high contrast so that you can see the effect easily. In all cases, keep the probability low, and if it renders nothing, ramp it up slowly... the higher the p
  8. Updated plugin to version 2.1, grab here: Sparkle_Glitter.dll (v2.1) Changes: * Added additional shapes, including a 45 degree rotated flare, an eight-spoke flare (45 + 0 degree rotated flare), and a flare combo which picks 0 degree rotated flare 50% of the time and 45 degree rotated flare the other 50% of the time Modified GUI * Instead of the previous trackbars, the GUI uses an interface similar to Paint Shop Pro: the bar underneath the text box is a slider. It can be clicked/dragged to select values just like a trackbar. Also added a "rnd" button to many of the options - click to get
  9. Thanks :-) I've updated the plugin, including these suggestions. Brightness is renamed Intensity, and Seed has a random button :-)
  10. Lots of the credit goes to Madjik... His source code for his plugin helped immensely in building my own UI... Thanks Madjik! :-)
  11. Sparkle_Glitter.dll (version 2, 09/19/07) Found under Render --> Glitter (replaces my previous Glitter plugin, so if you prefer that version, make a backup before downloading!), this plugin lets you generate glowing spheres, diamonds, and flares, with lots and lots of parameters (as evidenced in the above screenshot). Here's an example image using each of the shapes (though not nearly each different combination of options): A short description of each option: Shape: Determines the shape of the glitter. Available shapes are circle, diamond, and two kinds of flares. Threshold: As alway
  12. I can only speak for my own plugins - the glitter version does vary in color depending upon the source pixel (esp. if the threshold is set low, but that also comes at a significant increase in CPU time depending on your other settings). But once I figure out how to build a nice UI, it would be cool to have a color filter one could apply... or maybe I could even use the primary/secondary colors... that wouldn't require a new UI at the moment...
  13. I added a link and a copy of part of your post to the front page... You can gaurantee I'm looking through your source code because I've been wanting to add more than three sliders to my UI too...! I think'd also be cool to be able to lump a lot of the options under one larger UI (i.e., one option could be: Glitter, Glow, Star, etc... that would determine the kind of effect... but maybe not... may be out of my league and time available!) I want to at least add a check box that can turn on/off the randomness, and maybe add additional options with regards to the shape of the sparkle.... lots of
  14. Really? What settings are you using? Size of image? Since I've only tested against a black background with white primary color, does it work with that?
  15. A couple more goodies, just because my brain wouldn't let things go.... They aren't perfect, by any means, but they are a little more sane for large images (at least on my computer)... Sparkle_Stars Sparkle_Glitter Sparkle Stars: Located under Render -> Stars, is a lot like Add Noise, except that it is a little more suited to sparse starfields, IMO. The controls are a little wonky, yeah, but the default settings should give a pretty good example. I'd suggest having your primary color be white and fill the background black to see anything of interest... haven't tried it with other settin
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