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  1. Kinda blurry, as though they've been stretched to match my DPI settings.
  2. Cool. Thanks, Rick. Apart from that color palette bug, I haven't seen anything odd happen at 120 DPI. The icons on the palettes have that "non-native" look about them, but otherwise... we're gravy. Paint.NET 3 is looking to be awesome, Rick.
  3. Sweet jesus, this whole thing is FANTASTIC. Any love for us 120 DPI-ers?
  4. I guess I never really tested it alongside the multi-document interface. I'm glad I'm off today, it's 3:00 AM.
  5. Rick, this is awesome! Holy cats! Dell should BUNDLE this on their PCs! EDIT: I just installed it, and I quickly tried one of the new tools and uh... Adobe is pissing their pants. That Gradient friggin' rules. I uh... I don't know what to say, other than that you rule. EDIT 2: OMGOMGOMG. Merge down rules. Rick, I'm like a kid in a candy store. Muwahaahahahaa! All of my friends who keep saying "Photoshop is better" better start counting the days, PDN does a LOT of stuff better! >: D EDIT 3: And the new save dialog. Genius. GENIUS. HOLY bloody potato. MY POST REACHED VERSION 3.
  6. People like that are the ones who need to be struck by astray micrometeorites. Rick, is Paint.NET properly licensed to you and the devs?
  7. PDN also doesn't scale too well with large masks... any chance of that being fixed? Oooh. For version 3.0, mayhaps?
  8. This would be nice, especially when zoomed in. I hate how that, when you're zoomed in, the top left corner of the canvas is at the top left corner of the window, often occluded by the "Tools" palette, and same-same for other corners. I think that needs to be fixed, big time...
  9. Go Rick. Good 120 dpi support is few and far between, annoyingly. Oh, and I'll take one for the team... and George... is there an airbrush tool yet? Heh, just kidding.
  10. I think one of the biggest issues in Paint.NET is a general lack of precise positioning. I think a grid, allowing you to customize the frequency of gridlines (IE, every 10 pixels or every 5% or something) would really help. It'd also really help if these gridlines were made so that selected shapes would snap to them and/or the edges of the picture. That'd be great, I think. Oh, and hi, everyone. I got a new compiter, and I'm still alive.
  11. Heh. I made my debut in this forum asking about features like crazy... so I guess I should do it now. 1.) Currently, Paint.NET uses Microsoft's "ClearType" engine for it's anti-aliasing. Are there any plans to give Paint.NET a superior (and standalon) antialiaser? 2.) When one zooms towards a corner in Paint.NET, the image occupies the entire canvas, and the corner is often obscured by things such as the tools palette, etc. Will this be fixed? 3.) Will we get a more "wysiwyg" approach to rotating (x,y, and z axes), skewing, and distorting pixel selections? Thanks!
  12. Man, I sure haven't been here in a long time. But yeeesh! What a pic. Chris, that desktop background sure is pretty BAMF (consult Dane Cook). Anyways, I don't have much to offer... except this desktop background I made from this picture that I <3 a lot. I temporarily used The GIMP (heresy!) and then realized why I used Paint.NET in the first place. It doesn't have a retarded interface, it's challenging and fun to sort of work out how to do something in Paint.NET that other programs can do natively, new features are so much more rewarding, it's free, it's light, and it's got one hell of a community. Note: I didn't make the knives or the "Choose your lifestyle" phrase. I simply found this freakin' awesome pic (and promptly made a desktop). Because it's true. Mahahaaa!
  13. Man, WMP11 is nice... but it kills my lappy.
  14. That is, I believe, known as a "viginette" effect. Anyways, you'd create a layer atop the background (base image) layer, and fill it black. Then, with the "Ellipse Select" tool, you'd select a circular portion of the middle (of the black layer), and push delete to cut it out. Then simply apply a gaussian blur appropriate for the effect.
  15. That's great! I'll have to install Paint.NET on my Vista box. (actually, I already did)
  16. (I never did get around to Garry's mod. I got Windows Vista and uh... got distracted. ) Anyways. There's a couple of things I've got on my mind. Number one... ...Paint.NET's zoom feature. When you do a Ctrl+Scroll zoom into your canvas, the corner of the picture gets lodged up in the corner of your actual workspace. As it just so happens, all four corners are either behind the Tools window, the History window, the Layers window or the Colors window. For folks like Valve.... and myself... and maybe Apple... who just loooooove transparent, rounded-cornered images, this makes for something of an unnecessarily long image-creation process. I'm not sure if anyone likes it that way, for that matter, but that's why I posted my musings -- because if I'm in the minority, then it shouldn't be implemented (or considered). If, however, the public is open to the idea... the we should implement it, no? Yeah. Here's a graphical representation of what I mean: Paint.NET 2.62 - Current Zoom Method: Paint.NET Future - Hypothetical Zoom Method: Targas? So here I was.... kind of bored one day... and I decided.... it was time to make a much newer, much cooler spray for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. What is, to most people, a simple project of pointing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch to a proper file is something of an art project for me. I like my sprays to have cool transparencies and whatnot, and in order to do that I need to use a targa. Paint.NET's 32-bit RGBA Targa seems incompatible with Steam... or the like. Any ideas? Eh?
  17. It might even be beneficial to have more than two layers. Glows are different than simple feathers. It might be wise to have a layer scheme like this: Copy of Thunderbolt (3) <-- [blurred 20%] Copy of Thunderbolt (2) <-- [blurred 10%] Copy of Thunderbolt <-- [blurred 5%] Thunderbolt <-- [Not Blurred] (Thumbnails - click to expand)
  18. So... ...did you use Paint.NET to make the new 16x16 icon?
  19. Whoa.... Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T? That's... that's a tough decision. That's as tough as.... like... macaroni and cheese versus fettucine alfredo. Whoa.
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