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  1. Available in PC World Komputer 4'2007.
  2. The Polish documentation for v. 2.72 is available in PC World Komputer 12'2006.
  3. Fortunately he removed the software from Freeware Files where it appeared yesterday.
  4. "Hardy" means in Polish "impertinent" :-)
  5. Something interesting: http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/michaeljhardy/
  6. Yes, the only "new feature" is his family in About: "Visual Paint! - v1.0-Build #13 - October 31st, 2006 Michael J. Hardy Project Developer / Programmer Sher K. Hardy Beta Testing Kara L. Hardy Beta Testing Special Thanks: My Wife (Kara), Our Daughter (Zoe), My Parents (Jim and Sher), My Grandmother (Birdie Eldridge), My Uncle (Paul Eldridge), My Aunt (Joyce McGowan), My Wife's Family, The Rest of My Family, and Microsoft for providing A Free 90-Day Trial of Visual Studio 2005 Pro. Edition... I am dedicating this Software Application (Visual Paint) To My Wife (Kara) and Our Daughter (Zoe)... Original Application ArtWork Was Found on the Internet... Visual Paint! - ©Copyright October 31st, 2006 Written and Developed By: Michael J. Hardy ®All Rights Are Reserved..." 90-Day Trial, hee-hee.
  7. The only credit is in License.txt: "Code Lab for Paint.NET Copyright © 2006 Tom Jackson Portions Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved."
  8. Yes, Paint.NET 2.72. That Hardy added plugins available here and that's all.
  9. Yes, I can read "Michael J. Hardy, Lead Developer / Programmer" but nothing about Rick Brewster. "Visual Paint Freeware Technology may be Subject to change from Freeware to Shareware which at this point we will have to charge at least $13.00 per copy... This may be a while though... For Now it is Freeware!" Strange.
  10. Have you seen Visual Paint? :-) link removed by Rick: it has been changed into a pornography link site "written and developed by Michael Hardy" What's that?