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  1. I have GOT to second this. I'm a precision nut, so this would be FANTASTIC.
  2. ...in Windows Vista. All in all, I have to say my working on the whole Garry's Mod thing was severely hindered when this chance presented itself. Maybe I'll run Garry's Mod on my Vista box. Why not? Paint.NET works. Check the images, folks! Thumbnails expand to full images. Oh, and Vista doesn't require nearly as much as the alternative OS zealots would have you believe. Full specs on the box I tested it on: Pikl's Vista Box: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 512 MB (2 x256 MB) PC3200 DDR SDRAM 40 GB 7200 RPM Ultra ATA100 HDD ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128 MB
  3. Technical difficulties have arisen... but they're getting knocked away. Telconstar... you kinda look like Michael Dell...
  4. I have internet again!!! I haven't been around in awhile... ...but I'm endeavoring on a new project, to further expand on the never-ending usefulness of Paint.NET. Utilizing Paint.NET, I'm going to create a texture for an object which will be imported into Garry's Mod v9.3, a mod which allows you to interact directly with the innovative features of the Source engine used in Half-Life 2. I will be using this in conjunction with 3D Studio Max R7, following tutorials found at Mixerman3D.com. Since 3D Studio Max R7 is a fairly expensive commercial program (I didn't buy mine, I won it ), I'd implore others who would like to do this to abstain from pirating and download Blender3D instead. A quick Google search led me to some useful stuff for that. I'll probably be done shortly, after which, I'll post screenshots. Toodles. EDIT: Oh, and wish me luck.
  5. That's like... one of eight of our movies that does. One of our movies was lost thanks to my own incompetence (left the finished product on a tape and filmed over it), and the other two... are somewhere. So. -Pikl
  6. WHAT PLUGINS?!? Incidentally, I used Paint.NET for this movie (42 MB).
  7. For the record, he's a pair of arms in third person mode. -Pikl
  8. Fantastic image, aatwo! Yeah... uh... I typed up a storm in reply to this "George" chap, but the thread was locked before I could trounce him with sheer logic. Fie! ...so uh... I'm gonna make a George comic too! -Pikl
  9. They don't need to now, IE7, if you like it, is out. That works just fine as a browser. Alas, I didn't like IE7 too much... but then.... I didn't like MusicMatch Jukebox. IE7 will probably be just fine for Jamie McBlagh when she gets a computer. -Pikl
  10. Hehe. This thread is like that.... but that's okay. This thread rules. -Pikl
  11. I almost won one of those once. But I didn't. -Pikl
  12. It's my main video-editing application, or non-linear editor (NLE for short). It's incredible, there's nothing that comes anywhere near Premiere Elements in terms of bang for your dollar. It's very nearly a professional NLE (It's damn near identical to Adobe Premeire Pro, which is a professional NLE) for just $100. It's not unlike an image editor, except it's for video. You have video and audio layers, effects, and transitions for your video. Like I said, I used Paint.NET to create a viginette .tga image for use over one of my video clips. Moviemaking is fun. -Pikl
  13. I'll keep that in mind. I'm not able to do one right now, as I'm working on my laptop at the moment. For some reason my laptop CD-ROM is having trouble installing Premeire Elements 1.0, so I'll have to wait 'til I'm on my desktop to begin composing one. You should see it in the tutorials forum when I get it done, and I'll be sure and edit this post and include the link. -Pikl
  14. Ye be warned. Long post. @ Darren That's an eye-catching picture you have there. It's awfully dark, I can't remember if I viewed it on my CRT initially or not, but I didn't notice any of the details anybody was talking about until I saw it on my laptop. Once again, though, that's definitely an eye-catching image, it's unique and I like the effect the light coming through the bulletholes provides. @ Crazy Man Dan Shiny things are great. I really should do that shiny orb tutorial someday, that really gives stuff a kind of.... hmm... "Apple" finish to them. @ aatwo Hehe. Green people are people too, remember. I'll admit -- I had to do a Google search for "Who the hell is JC Denton?" Nice stuff though. Do you pencil your stuff and bring it in to Paint.NET, or do you use a Wacom tablet, or do you mouse all of that? It's good. @ SearedIce Wow. Just... wow. @ BuzzKill Nice image. How'd you do the moon? Well, I slept through most of the day, and decided to make a picture when I woke up at 3:00 AM. I wanted to go and get some ramen noodles, but damn it was cold downstairs, and that's not even where the ramen is. The garage would've been icy cold, and I'm perfectly comfortable under my warm laptop wrapped in an electric blanket. Mmmm. Anyways, I decided, "to hell with ramen!" But not really. This world would be a very, very depressing place sans ramen noodles. Fortunately, Earth is in no short supply of ramen, so I decided I'd make this pic and then brave the extreme cold temperatures of the downstairs. Here ya go. The uh... thumbnail links to the full sizer. FYI. I was rather proud of this image, as it marks a few milestones for me in Paint.NET. Nothing terribly significant... but... [*:865d0]First image completely done on my laptop. [*:865d0]First 2D space image EVAR. [*:865d0]Extensive use of blending modes. [*:865d0]Took me 1:15 to complete. [*:865d0]I'm really proud of that. [*:865d0]First use of like... a million layers. [*:865d0]I coulda sworn there was another bullety-thingy I was thinking about... I'm fairly disappointed in that I didn't make it 1024x768 or 1280x1024. I think my laptop could've done at least a 1024x768 image just fine, and probably a 1280x1024 desktop wouldn't be asking too much for it. I need to get more RAM for this darn thing. Oh wellz. I'm off to go and watch some webcasts from Spring Intel Developer Forum. Gotta keep up with the giggleflops and biggabytes. -Pikl
  15. It'd be nice to see nub control refined. I always have trouble grabbing the nub I want, especially with smaller lines when I'm zoomed in. Some sort of a word-wrapping tool would be nice, too. -Pikl
  16. Oh, yeh, I've used it for title screens... but what I meant there was that I had used it to create a viginette for a blooper reel at the end of one of my movies. I made the viginette frame and overlayed it, and I had the bloopers in the background playing at 80% size. I hate rectangles, I wanted a smooth transition from the blooper playing to the black background of the film. So I just saved my piece as a .tga and overlayed it over the film. It was neat. The video should be up sooner or later, I'll link it when I do. I used Paint.NET for the credits in the same movie, but I later swapped those credits out for a newer version which was all done in 3D Studio Max R7. I liked it better. -Pikl
  17. I had been doing that for the longest time until the method above dawned on me. I made a .TGA and used it in a movie of mine, for a blooper reel. How's about that? Paint.NET has applications in filmmaking! -Pikl
  18. Make a layer on top of your image, of the background color, cut out a portion of that layer so that your image is visible below, and gaussian blur that layer. -Pikl
  19. LoLz @ Rick. How long have you been waiting to post that? -Pikl
  20. It looks nice. In particular, I really like the hexagons kind of balancing the "load" of the picture. Do you have a liquid cooled computer? Darn that looks good. Gaussian blur overlay for the glow? I was extremely pleased with how the antialiasing came out. Thanks. Gasp! Jerks. That'd really make me mad... my laptop is extremely pokey enough with 256 MB RAM. Windows XP tends to do that, alas... that's I want to upgrade it to 512 MB. Even Pentium III's can be snappy with 512 MB RAM. Well, actually I want an Inspiron E1705.... but... yeah. *cough* Cursed non-regenerating wallet... Looks really neat. Nice concept... but... I think a little more anti-aliasing on it would make it amazing.
  21. I pencil drew that, and then edited the rest in Paint.NET. And there's a picture of my lappy. Yay. -Pikl
  22. HAH. Yeah. It takes for-EVER to do that on my laptop. -Pikl
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