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  1. Can you make it possible to edit the toolbars ? I don't like the 'Tool' option at a very empty bar below the standard toolbar, and i got the same options with the 'tool panel' (F5). So basicly: can you make it possible to remove objects from toolbars ?
  2. Hehe owright, thanks for your comments & for this awesome freeware application! I only need one thing to get it perfectly: tabbed blades, so you have more then one project in one window, but see for yourself if you want to add it. Btw, the turnlights on this bmw are maybe a litle bit nicer then yours: hehe
  3. Right I know enough, thanks though. / btw, is crop to selection a new option ? It works perfectly, nice replacement for the feature I liked..
  4. Maybe another person who isn't member of the developer team can make a plugin with this feature.. If so, please post or contact me: PM.
  5. Mm thats a big pity, no change for a plugin with this ?
  6. Can you tell me why ? And why not place it under a keyboardshortkey, so that a user who want this feature, ken enable it that way..
  7. I want to request Real-time canvas resizing, like in the old style paint: That feature would make paint.net my old style paint replacer. Maybe you could implement this with a keyboard-shortcut, which you have to push to see the resize boxes ?
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