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  1. Ahh, but that's part of the way the Half-Life saga has been designed. You never see in third person because when you play it, you ARE Gordon Freeman. In any case, yes, HL2 rules. End of story. -Pikl
  2. I thought I'd come by and tell you guys what an awesome job you did on Paint.NET v2.6. I know it's still in beta, but lemme say, Paint.NET is awesome. 2.5 worked great, but not so well on my Pentium III (850 MHz) laptop with 256 MB of PC100 SDRAM. Gaussian blurs went dog slow. So I noted that v2.6 Beta involved some performance fixes. Yeah. Well, they fricken' rule. So. Yeah. Thanks. -Pikl
  3. Thought I was kind of onto something with my video up there, so... forgive me for this bump. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've found a good ol' fashioned bug. ....on tape. -Pikl
  4. In the event of a crash of Paint.NET, Paint.NET seems to create a log fileby the name of "pdncrash.log"... on my desktop, by default. Is that pathway editable by the user? If so, where? If not, I request that be implemented sometime in upcoming versions. -Pikl
  5. That's why you purchase Photoshop Elements 4.0 for $100, or buy the Photoshop/Premeire Elements bundle for $150. Amazing value, incredible image and video editing power, applications whose feature quantity and quality nips at the heels of their professional cousins. ...or learn how to code and offer ideas to the Paint.NET developer team.... ...or wait. I'm sure they'll get what they can out. -Pikl
  6. It's shift. And uh.... WOW. I had no idea you could do that....
  7. Isn't it possible to implement GPU-assisted rendering? -Pikl
  8. Radial blur spin blurs an object. Zoom blur is like a motion blur from all angles, or a radial motion blur. Check the pic I linked. And a gaussian blur depending on one's taste. Regardless... I'm just suggesting it'd be nice as a feature. Woot. If it's coming, take all the time you need. -Pikl
  9. Sorry if I'm getting annoying, guys. Anyways, I was working with Paint.NET on my laptop today for some of my website's graphics... and I noticed a bit of a glitch... and something that'd be kinda nice. Using the rounded rectangle tool, I'm unable to set the radius of the rounded corners in any manner except via brush size. Brush size quickly loses it's effectiveness when you get pretty high, the corners become visibly edged. Also, there's a glitch that's awfully difficult to describe... so I made a video (3.1 MB)... for you guys. So.... my feature request.... would it be possible to add a rounded corner radius value thingymabob? Thanks. Also, the grid. There's a grid that is visible (if enabled) when zoomed in, is there one like Photoshop's, that is visible (if enabled) when at 100% zoom and zoomed out further and active as a snapping surface? If not... ....feature request.... tee hee... You guys rule. -Pikl
  10. While creating an image today, I noticed that there were two features that would vastly enhance Paint.NET, on the filter variety area. It'd be nice to be able to do both drop shadows and zoom blurs (sort of a radial motion blur). Would that be possible in upcoming versions? -Pikl
  11. This is something I noticed moments ago while working with a relatively small image (forum avatar, 121x121, ). It's something I'm accustomed to having in Photoshop, and MAN is it nice. Would it be possible to add a scroll-button zoom to the application, as well as the standard manual one? -Pikl
  12. Couple things I was thinking about while using Paint.NET to design images for my website... [*:61d59]Text Anti-Aliasing: Apparently the text tool currently implemented in Paint.NET utilizes the Windows ClearType text renderer to anti-alias the text. If the ClearType render is disabled, you get plain, raster text. Would it be possible to make an in-program anti-aliasing engine that anti-aliases better than ClearType, or at the very least anti-aliases with or without ClearType enabled? [*:61d59]Text Independence: Like in Adobe Photoshop, text is first recognized by the program as an indpendent, editable object. Until the user rasterizes the text, it is fully editable and transformable. Would it be possible to implement a similar feature in Paint.NET? [*:61d59]The Other Stuff: Object scaling is a lot smoother in applications like Adobe Photoshop. When I copy images into Paint.NET, and resize them to fit, they tend to look out of place and "unsmoothed." Would that feature be possible?
  13. What if you had them roll up into their titlebars?
  14. These are two features which, as an ardent Photoshop user, I think would be a fantastic addition to Paint.NET. Smudge, of course, would "smudge" the pixels of the selected layer (within the brush radius), and would carry them over as far as the mouse speed would dictate. This'd be great for some simple smoke effects. Subtractive select would be the opposite of the function that happens when you hold Shift. You could hold Alt while dragging a selection marquee and whatever portion of another marquee you overlap would be deselected after letting go of the mouse. Those are my ideas. -Pikl
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