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  1. Well, here are a list of paramaters 1) Stars - Size, randomness of distrobution, desnsity, glow amount, etc. 2) Dust : You would choose up to 3-4 "layers of dust. Then you would set the color, transparency, smoothness, and maybe you would have some sort of curves like tool for changing the shape... Or maybe just a simple slider for the "curviness" of the dust clouds.
  2. My request is fairly simple.. atleast on paper. Basically what im looking is a plugin that can create realistic nebulas. The plugin would let you control the two parts of them, the colored filaments of dust and the stars. Examples http://objsam.files.wordpress.com/2008/ ... _04lrg.jpg http://www.kencroswell.com/OrionNebula.jpg http://gamyhan.files.wordpress.com/2009 ... nebula.jpg http://thetruthorthefight.files.wordpre ... 04086y.jpg
  3. Well, for the life of me, I cant imagine why the are bad ideas.
  4. When I select the clone stamp tool, I get two circles.
  5. I've been watching a lot of PS tutorials and these seem liek great features to implement. EDIT : also something to paint patterns.
  6. The Halo doesn't have any options and wehn i aplpied it to a line that was 30 pixel thick, it was so thin, it was barely visible. What I want is an efffect to create the kind of quality glow in all those fan made ligthsaber vids like Ryan v dorkman... Maybe some sort of soft blending..
  7. I couldnt find this plugin... IMHO, it would be neeat to see mroe of these kind of special effects tools..
  8. Is the glow option in PDN the same as the photshop tool, outer glow. If not, it'de be ncie to see a simialar thing implemented in PDN.
  9. The goth effect..Maybe the colored hair and the color around her eyes
  10. 1) WOuld it be possible to create the goth effect like here? 2) How would I go about adding lipstick to a photo of a woman? 3) I've seen a coupel tuts for lase effects, but can someoe here tel me how to produce a softer effect like this
  11. How do I add gloss to an image?
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