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  1. There isn't really a 4 mirror option. The descriptions in the options are confusing. If you choose Mirrors = 1, it will result into the cat example on the plugin description. If you choose Mirrors = 2, it will Mirror your picture 4 times. Sorry for the confusions, should have named it mode 1 and 2 insted. Im not sure if this was your problem. If not you probably mean how to use mode 2. Just create a square image and draw something in the upper left triangle, like in the example and you will understand
  2. Seems like I uploaded the wrong version and forgot to mention it's only for square images. Thank you!
  3. This is a plugin which helps you to create symmetric mandalas and mirrored pictures. It takes the upper right triangle(as shown in the first picture) as an input and mirrors it to the other ones. It only works for square images (image width = image height) currently! Download newest version here: Mandala Creator.zip To install just extract the zip and run the installer. It will be installed under effects in the subfolder Artistic. Example for 4 Mirror Option
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