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  1. The link doesn't seem to be working? It is pointing to this same thread ^^
  2. Nice, seems like this can produce those same kinds of maps! Now just gotta do lots of testing welshblue and TrevorOutlaw thanks a ton! Edit - For the record, how are these types of images called? Just so I can reference it correctly in the future.
  3. No worries, I'm just glad someone replied =D Not really, these are done by using the normal map plus plugin right? I want to learn (more or less) how to make those same _n versions contained in the googledrive folder. Guess those were made using alpha? Thought it was normal map because of the _n https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Assets_Naming_Convention I tried a bit and then looked for videos about alpha but they are either too simple or too complex. Was hoping there is a fast/sure way to create those _n maps (like a filter or dunno, similar to the way normal map plus plugin works). But if its something overly complicated guess I should just skip adding custom textures. If its kinda lengthy process and hard to explain, feel free to link a video or tutorial! And many thanks!!
  4. Thanks, I edited the first post and added googledrive, first time using hope it works!
  5. Heya amazing folks and sorry to bother! There is a type of normal map (I think it is a normal) that I've been trying to reproduce with no success. (For learning and maybe release a small mod). Here are 3 dds textures and its _n versions: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F1YaMK2-ErKOVLDsYBVsPsQZ6YA2lkM0 What I've tried: Using the Normal Map Plus plugin, but it becomes something very different: https://imgur.com/UjjlobC And using the alpha mask (Control+C the whole image before apllying mask), it looks similar to the desired one but I dunno how to proceed after that (nomal map plus fubars the whole image again). https://imgur.com/AEogC48 Would you be so kind as to tell +or- how to create these _n from its base image? Specially the one for dirtrubble_n , looks almost fully blank/transparent but does a lot of difference ingame. Maybe I should use a different program for this type of map effect? Thanks in advance to all of you who help and make this program/world all the more lovely! 😃
  6. Hi peeps!! I'm using the normal map plus plugin to generate normal maps for dds textures used in games (fallouts/elder scrolls). https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111602-normalmapplus-codelab-implementation/ Question: The plugin brings 3 bars, X - Y - Z, each of these seem to affect a different parameter, can anybody tell me what these parameters are or how to generally scale each bar?? Are normal maps useful for mostly everything, or just the things that are static? (like for example, yes to trees and no to creatures) Also, when saving a DDS image, theres a checkbox with the option "cube map from crossed image", should I leave this option ON? Doesn't seem to have an effect in image size (bytes). Big thanks to those who can spare a little time to answer!! (hopefully this will aid other people as well)