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  1. Scooter, nice job. Very simple, and the positioning and 'shattered' effect of the black lines hits me. :abigthumbsupforyou: Nitenurse, also a nice job. It looks really industrial to me, and the text has a very unique texture. However, I feel as if the whole image was 'too' complex. Maybe the text could have done with a bit less complexity. Anyway, an overall good job! :alsoabigthumbsupforyou: Tis tough to decide on a winner here, but my vote goes to Scooter That's: Scooter-3 Nitenurse-0 (sorry... you can have a beer though... ) It's always hard to choose between things like this. Scooter wins, and in tribute... NEXT!
  2. All done in PDN (The binary spells MikeRobe)
  3. How did you do the depressions on the sand Yellowman? I must know!
  4. Thanks, I recall using a gradient blur, so that's why the centre is more defined than the outside.
  5. Scooter: I really do like fractals. Infinity in a defined area? Cool! I like the motion blur on the Julia fractal you used there, it created a sense of motion and since fractals are infinite, (maybe I'm going too deep here) it seems to me as if the image is moving toward infinity. The fish is very nice, but I felt as if the 'water' that held it was a bit rushed perhaps? 4 stars from me, an overall good job Scooter! :star: :star: DrewDale: I really like the contrast used between the background and the 'plasmatic chilli'. The Glass Tile effect has been used well and the difference between light and dark is faded into well. The 'chilli' is nicely done (How'd you do that?) and again, it's a really good contrast. For that reason, 5 stars (sorry Scooter!) :star: :star: Scooter: x 12 DrewDale: x 15 DrewDale is the winner! Good job to both of you! Now, as for my entry, because it must be done, Here is Volts:
  6. If you want an example of a company that ruins things it buys, try Google. YouTube was never the same. Sure, things it makes up are great, but when it gets hold of something it just can't leave it be. Google! If it 'aint broke don't fix it!
  7. I was brought up on Star Wars. Jedi Knight, Battlefront, KOTOR. Read "The Dark Nest" and "Legacy of the Force" (10 books in total). Assembled a miniature metal model of the Millennium Falcon, have the retro merch, a poster. Played the Star Wars Tabletop RPG. Etcetera etcetera. Star Wars is great. Especially the original trilogy, I II and III were not as good.
  8. People have tried, and they still fail. The only way this will ever happen is with completely rigid cables, and that's just horrid.
  9. You kidding? They queue up just to hear me mention tachyons! Hehe... Yeah... :foreveralone:
  10. Hehe, same. Tachyons are the best. So why not entertain people with them? FTL particles are a great way to get a party started.
  11. I've made a couple of ads for Kingdom of Arcturus, an upcoming Javascript game by Tachyon Entertainment. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28155-tachyon-entertainment/
  12. Ok, well I've added some pictures of some art I've been doing with my graphics tablet for KoA, and also, you can donate if you like. He he he...
  13. Well, the thread as a whole is probably off-topic ;D
  14. Ok, I'll try put some more up this afternoon, would they be from any games or just Kingdom of Arcturus?
  15. I've posted a video for Kingdom of Arcturus - sorry for the lag guys, fraps doesn't like windows so I had to use a different recording software. Gah. Hope you enjoy anyway!
  16. Things: http://www.tachyonentertainment.co.nf/ http://www.smeef.tk Hello everyone! News: 6/10/2014: Hi everyone! Dyl and I are working on another, bigger game, called Iron Rift. It's an economic space RTS. You can trade, fight and generally have a good time. You can even build your own ships out of modular parts! I've been using both Paint.NET and Inkscape for this project - Inkscape for buildings and ships and PDN for backgrounds and terrain. Progress is smooth and we hope to get it on Greenlight before the end of the year! You can go to the Concepts page on Steam for more information and art! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=316704599 (If you have a steam account, don't forget to vote and tell me what you think!) 12/07/2014: SMEEF: The Falling Game has been officially released by Tachyon Entertainment. Get your friends and family and go to: http://www.smeef.tk Or, you can play against the AI. The only control is JUMP. Stay alive. SMEEF: The Falling Game is an original game by Tachyon Entertainment, released 12/07/2014 Here's a screenshot! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/etccc.png KoA is done, and hopefully it will be uploaded to the internet soon, so keep checking back. I'll also update this page when it's done. There's a lot of features, and you can actually beat the game now. Contract Miner proved to be actually rather un-fun, so, of course, we've scrapped it. It was really only a concept anyway. However, we've come up with a new concept. Say hello to 'Robot Game' - until you give us a better name! In a future where entire cities have become empty wastelands and fairly large robots engage in tactical warfare, there can only be fun. Flank the enemy, group into formations, use different kinds of weapons and hide around corners to finish off the enemy. It will be top-down, and you will be able to control the robots with the mouse functions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kingdom of Arcturus is available to play NOW! There's still a bit to be done, but feel free to offer suggestions on art, gameplay and anything else you feel should be done! You can play it on our new website! http://www.tachyonentertainment.co.nf/ You can also email us at tachyonentertainment@gmail.com! Go play KoA right now! You can also donate! Because why not? Click the lovely new button at the top of the post if you want to help development! Remember, you don't have to, but it's a nice surprise when I check my balance and find some lovely person have decided to chip in! Tachyon Entertainment is a game development 'company', run by me and a friend named Dylan. I do the art (and occasionally code) and Dyl does the code itself. We enjoy making games, and then rigorously testing them and getting user feedback on how we could make the games better. We aim to get a website up and running in the near future, which will host development news and JavaScript games. We also have a YouTube channel, where I post videos on news and other games we're making. We'd love your support on anything - art, code, gameplay, game ideas - it all helps a small homegrown game hub to expand. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgQyIF-zonhLyyw-8hhFYNQ < The YT channel Please note that this isn't a spam message - yuck, spam is exactly what I don't want to do. I need your feedback, and hopefully grow this idea further. I can also update this page with news. A game we made a while ago is called Kingdom of Arcturus, a medieval/sci-fi crossover. Hideous monopole-magnetic creatures have traveled to your world to eradicate the people of the Dark Ages before they can advance - because they want your world, of course. As the only archer brave enough to stand up to the enemy, you defend your town and hold off the alien menace. But something is different - the alien activity has done something to your arrows that make them far more potent, and so you have a fighting chance of surviving. Here is some art done with my graphics tablet, from the game 'Kingdom of Arcturus'. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/alien3.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/dropshipbomb.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/gravityscrambler.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/mortar.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/tower.png Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to your responses!
  17. Funny you say that, because that one's for a JavaScript game that a friend and I are making, it's moodily coloured with low saturation, so not too wild! ;D
  18. I don't think this belongs here, if you'd like to post a problem, you should put it in the questions and discussion area, or the troubleshooting area. Thanks
  19. I like them, but the background is a bit bleak, maybe you could add a nebula, sun or asteroid belt somewhere! Again, nice job! -Oh, and also, 50th post.
  20. Update: Got a graphics tablet, made art. There are two new things that I've made with it in PDN. I'll colour them later, but for now, they should be ok to view.
  21. Congrats - there wasn't much of a contest due to Pixey's image! Nice job everyone
  22. 101010: (The computer guru) null54 I noticed that 101010 is binary for 42. Intentional? ;D
  23. Good tutorial, but one thing I might say: remove the water drops that go over other ones. They can break the illusion. Apart from that, I really like the texture, I'll use it heaps! ;D
  24. I've added a couple of abstract pieces. I didn't have a clear goal when I started making them, I was just testing some plugins I downloaded as well as some blurs. Let me know what you think.
  25. is making textures for a game. He will do a video later...