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  1. I've decided to bevel the buttons, but I should make a clarification. If you've ever played Port Royale you'll know that the government owns cities and ports and you really only build when you want to have a part in production. In such a case, you may never even need to build anything if you didn't want to. The construction won't likely be rapidly (unless you're very rich and looking to spend all of your money on buildings) but still, I think you were correct in the case that the buttons don't stand out as much. They should now that they're beveled.
  2. We're working on an Economic Space RTS called Iron Rift, and it's fun doing the art for it! Have a look - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/236475228/21412203503832.png
  3. I never found out what happened to welsh. I mean, I know he was banned... Was it quite serious? Could I get a fill-in-the-details PM?
  4. Interesting, there may be a way to do this with just transparent gradients, or there may be a plugin. I'll have a look around and see what I can find.
  5. Speedy reply to the rescue! You can find a good plugin for making polygons, I'll see if I can find it. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/9381-polygon-tool-as-in-ms-paint/ Here's another one: http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/BoltBaitPack40.zip ^ That's BoltBait's plugin pack, which includes another Polygon tool as well as many other of his brilliant plugins, which are equally invaluable!
  6. Not related to Paint.Net. Interesting technique, but not Paint.Net.
  7. Hey there jbteta, I have a solution for you. First, paste in your BMP file onto the first layer, then make a new layer and paste your GIF onto that. Erase the bits which need transparency by using something like, say, the magic wand tool. Also, you could try renaming the .gif to .png, and try paste it in then; however, I think the issue may be that you weren't using layers - correct me if I'm wrong. Hope this helps!
  8. Well, resizing the image does what it says on the tin. Resizing the canvas simply makes the canvas bigger without transforming the image in any way, even by size. All resizing the canvas will do is create white area around the image, while not changing the size of the image itself.
  9. If you want to change the yellow pixels to your other colour, you can also use the magic wand tool (while holding shift) to select the yellow pixels and the fill tool to fill in those pixels to your secondary colour. Just a workaround - I might be missing the point entirely!
  10. Yep, as EER said - if it's pixelated, use a larger canvas. Resizing will only blur the image and make approximations, so you need to make sure from the start to use a larger canvas and scale it down if you need to.
  11. What happened to this thread? In case it's just me, i'll explain - it looks like 3- 4 posts were repeated over and over? Or maybe I'm just crazy..
  12. Hi Jonathan, welcome to the forums! What you could do is get your picture on the bottom layer, your white background on the top layer. Now select the gradient tool with the white background layer selected. Now what you want to do, is at the top bar there should be what looks like a colour wheel next to the options for the gradient. Click it once, and it should change to a sort of checkerboard tile. Now select the linear gradient instead of half linear, and right click in the middle of the picture, hold shift and drag off to the left or right. This should give you the effect you want!
  13. Yeah, I've been trying out some abstract stuff and messing around with effects. In the end I'll probably go back to spacescapes.
  14. Wow, that really is fantastic! +1 for the plugin version! I'd download it a hundred times.
  15. Wow, those are really nice wallpapers! I third the idea of you making a gallery!
  16. I was just about to say that, just as a "1 new reply added" message showed up... But welcome to the forums anyway JWeekly!
  17. Yes, but I seem to get a "Problem Loading Page" error when trying to download the file.
  18. Now, I was looking forward to finding and downloading the Octagonal/Quad Reshape plugin, but it seems the website that I would download it from is no longer valid. Is there another plugin similar, or another download location for the plugin? Much appreciated
  19. There's another two! "Yon and Ying" and "Astral". At the moment it seems like I don't have a particular style.
  20. With that tough, be careful of viruses. You may want to check with an Admin before downloading an old version of PDN to make sure that the file is safe. Peoplelove hiding malware and spyware in free programs that aren't from the official source...