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  1. Good job everyone! A nice outcome for a slow starting SOTW! Congrats to Seerose, Pixey and DrewDale!
  2. Well, they're only practice exams, they don't count for anything..hehe... Seriously though, I have been doing lots of study for it, but I'm not going to get too ahead of myself.
  3. Practice exams this week. Only got two, as the rest don't need exams. English 301 and Physics 301. More worried about Physics, but I'm sure I'll do fine if I study. Please tell me to get off the computer and study...
  4. Here's my entry. As you can tell, I love green.
  5. Let's enter LBC 31 eh?

  6. An interesting new subject! Have you seen the onesie that gives you wi-fi, GPS and other tech-related accessories?
  7. I use it for game design, for Tachyon Entertainment (shameless self-promotion). I find it easier to use than GIMP and Photoshop, not to mention it's as good as either when you have pages and pages of plugins! I also use it for drawing whatever I feel like, making mockups of products etc...
  8. Congratulations everyone! Nice entries!
  9. Cool - This'll remove a step from the process! Thanks TR.
  10. I know some people who use standing workstations. I probably should, since my posture's not awesome... Maybe it's just a big thing in NZ?
  11. High - Peking Duk The music video is, at first odd, but it has some kind of deeper meaning. The song is cool too. Vagueness.
  12. Welcome to the forums paintPhish! Hmm, that is strange. Run a virus scan on your computer, just to be sure. I've had this happen with another application, and it was quite annoying. Do a total re-install. Delete the Paint.Net Program Files Folder, if it has anything in Registry, get rid of those, Temp Files, everything that PDN will put on your computer. Then download the latest version. If that doesn't work, there may be a fault with your computer. Can you remember if anything happened prior to the incident? Did you download any plugins?
  13. Hi Traci S, So you want to move one tiger behind the other? Ok, well, first make a new layer. Go to the bottom layer. Now, there are a couple of ways you can cut things out. If you're careful, you can use the lasso tool. Simply drag around the tiger, then Ctrl+x, go to the top layer and ctrl+v. If you like, you could try using the magic wand tool, but it might be a bit tricky to do with the stripes. Once you've put that where you want it, you'll need to erase the bits that overlap. Then, to clean up the image, hide the top layer, and then you can use the clone stamp tool to clean up the background. Then show the tiger again, and if you like, you can flatten the image and do what you wanted afterwards. Have a nice day.
  14. Welcome to the forums, Sci Tech. If you can't open the zip file with the regular windows zip manager, try downloading 7-zip and opening it with that. If you're trying to open the .dll, you don't need to. Go into Program Files>Paint.NET>Effects and drag the .dll file into there. If all else fails, contact the plugin creator. Have a nice day.
  15. Yeah, you can use the Clone Stamp tool for removing things from pictures or cleaning up a seam, but you don't use it if you want the original position to stay still.
  16. Post your best (or worst) jokes here! I'll start: How many road workers does it take to change a lightbulb? 2 to lay out cones, 2 to operate the stop/go signs 1 to make the coffee 1 to administrate 3 to stand around looking important and 1 to change the lightbulb. (10) (Apologies if you work in this industry!) Your turn!
  17. I'd assume you could make a picture of a patio, add some effects (remember I'm allowing stocks for this one) and your name. You could make a nice cut lawn, a modern house of some description etc. There's a lot you could do.
  18. SOTW #106 - Thanks for your votes, guys!

  19. Yay! Congratulations to everyone else, too, of course. That's the first competition I've won! Thanks all! ;D
  20. Snap son! Thanks for doing a tutorial on this. Second one you did looked photographed! Again, wow!