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  2. I'm not sure if BB's does the fade. If you want the Evans Plugin, click on the link at the bottom of the page, which takes you to DropBox. Then click on the arrow to download it. Then unzip and move over to your Effects Folder.
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  4. I have the bolt bait, does it do the same thing with the fade? Maybe I had a broken link?
  5. What do you mean that the pack is broken? I checked the download link and it's fine. There is another Hue and Saturation by BoltBait too:
  6. Evans pack is broken. Does anyone have an idea of another? Thanks for the help in advance .
  7. @darkblu32 You can be your own jury and judge. Here are some links to help you reach a verdict: BTW: What ever camera that I use, I shoot in its RAW format and edit to TIFF or PNG
  8. Hello @darkblu32 This forum is for questions and ideas on using software. This is not a forum for photography.
  9. After all these time which format files are better in photography, of course HEIC is much better if you are an iPhone user, what if we are using Android devices or even Canon camera for outshoot photography? Share me some details, sources are also much appreciated!
  10. Rick: That fixed it! Now updated to 4.28. Thanks so much. And thanks for continuing to support Windows 7. I remember how long it took me to update from XP to Win 7 and get everything set the way I like to operate. I am not quite ready to do that again--especially at my age. Harry
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  12. There are a few newer coding fonts available these days: Cascadia Code Fira Code JetBrains Mono Anyone using these?
  13. I bet that one of the plugin authors who write canvas plugins could write this plugin easily.
  14. Signora @Pixey PDNarto - grazie! The Chocolate Loving People = My People. 🍫 🥂 Forever.
  15. IIRC, I think that is similar to Affinity, and I did download to try the trial period, but I just can't get into it. PDN is like my well worn jean, comfortable to use, and I can't get rid of PDN.
  16. My apologies. The display errors are wholly mine. I forgot that I changed the font size with the System Font Size Changer application. Going back to the default settings, everything is fine. Once again, my apologies and thank you for this wonderful tool.
  17. Three wonderful new images @Vagabondi Love the colors in Soul, the Chocolate is my fave and the Planet is very authentic Watch out @Drydareelin 😅
  18. Thanx Lynx 💜🖤 The winged turtle is a tragic metaphor for procrastination that can be motivated to move by the only engine - creative energy - which is not always here (scary, uh?) 'Soul' was, in fact, made a few weeks ago but I didn't have a set for it then (cheater). Thank you Dryda 🌌 Making the planet was new and super fun. Gotta luv PDN...
  19. Love the texture of the planet 😁 You did a great job with the lighting too, keep it up!
  20. If there are issues, they're with MSVC or MSBuild. You aren't force to use those compilers (or build system) if you use Visual Studio though. In fact, you can use the Terminal that's built into Visual Studio to execute a GCC compilation.
  21. To be fair, it is impossible or difficult to get some FOSS projects to work with visual studio. I heard that there's quirks with compiling, but can't confirm. There's other solutions if anon does not want to use Visual Studio. I actually code with KDE Kate editor myself. Not completely great with generic language like c++, but very easy with scripting languages.
  22. Another set of wonderful images! You are very, very busy @Vagabondi! Escaping on the winged turtle, perhaps? 'Soul' is just mesmerizing and you did a great job on 'Planet'. Well done!
  23. Deceptive impression of a newbies. If you had the opportunity to compare the source code of CodeLab 1.8 (not Codelab 1.8 f) with the source code of Codelab 5.0, you would see the Titanic work done by @BoltBait and @toe_head2001 to provide encoders with huge opportunities to create effects. I don't want to sound like a visionary, but I foresee further development of CodeLab to make it easier to create Shapes, and even use plain text to create Effects and Shapes. Simple my two cents.
  24. @Keith Turkowski You are responding to a post from 2 years ago.
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