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Sticky note curl (?)

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ive seen a tut on "the page curl"

but can some one do a tut specifically for these "circle sticky note thingys" (as i call them)?

i cant seem to get it right...

but maybe a well seasoned user could lead the way

imma keep trying...

but if u beat me to the punch

please post!!

i kno i ask a lot questions on these forum thingys

so thanx a bunch


p.s. i like the bottom one the best

because (obviously)

it looks the most realistic



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Hello j.simone!

There's really no need to capitalise the whole of your topic title, not only is against the Rules (#3), but also some members could find it obnoxious or even rude.

I've edited your title for you as you appear to be offline at the time of writing this. In the future, though, could you bear this in mind please?

Many thanks :).

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