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Ava first work


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Like the title says this is my first work in paint.net that is actually going to be used for something (i have done random stuff before). It just got picked has the logo for the tutorial page for our campus website. criticism encouraged. Also this is my first post so Hi everyone.


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Welcome to the forums Ava!

Please read the rules, and you will find out that all images are to be hosted off site, so your attachment will probably be deleted by a Moderator.

Call me expired. Please.


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Welcome to the forum :)

That's not bad, you could give the Shape3d plugin a try, it might fit your needs.

It can make cubes much much faster and easier.

And yes, -Expiration- is correct, all image in The Pictorium needs to be hosted off site.

Good luck & have fun PDN-ing ;)


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Hi, and welcome to the forums! :D

Very nice, and Ilike the gradients, though you may want to put some shading on it, to make it look more 3D-ish. Very nice logo with or without shading! :D


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