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Realistic Glass Text (PSD tut conversion to PDN)-Request

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I was wondering if a tut for very realistic glass text could be done in PDN:

Here's the link for the tut:

Photoshop tut for Realistic Glass Text

Help appreciated if you can.



P.S. i understand some of it, such as the sparkles and the glare, but i don't know how to do the transparent glass feel.

:? :? :?

Merry Christmas


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Hmm, Jake2k and I were going to do a collab tut on the glass lettering, since his result was fairly good as well ...

I like the idea though, and he said he was going to wait to "perfect-ify" his technique before writing a tut, so I guess we could write one together.

Also, are you talking about basic reflections and achieving glass? Or specifically glass lettering?

Call me expired. Please.


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