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Plugin Request To Reshape Rectangular Pictures

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I've been amazed by how how the pictures can be skewed and re-positioned with Rotate/Zoom feature as well as by the fantastic Shape3D plugin.

Would it be possible to have a plugin that can re-shape pictures using 'dragable' handles along the vertical and horizontal margins of the picture. The more handles the better, of course. And if these handles were available as a grid along the whole picture, I can imagine all kinds of possible uses and distortions that can be done!

Is this too great a programming task?

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I know that the plugin Madjik refers to can reshape pictures to some extent but the presence of more 'dragable' handles, horizontally, vertically and within the picture (e.g. even a simple grid of internal dragable handles) would enable more interesting effects to be created.

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I use it quite often also would love an update of at least 2 more nubs each side.

sometimes I expand canvas quite a bit and rotate the image with the layer zoom 10, 20, 30 angles and have good results. make small movements and then rotate zoom picture back. It depends on the the picture though. You soon get the feel of what pictures will work that way and which not.

All I can say is try to keep your movements small. run effect then run it again and again small measures, with the new bulge its a bit easier to combine the two for more curvaceous lines.



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Oma, your suggestion to expand the canvas is great - gave me an idea for a work-a-round to more precisely re-shape pictures.

1. After expanding the canvas all round the picture, I could duplicate the new layer 3 times.

2. Then, by selecting a different quarter of the picture in each of the 4 layers, I could eliminate everything else on that layer, and then apply the 'octagonal/quad reshappe/matte...' plugin on each remaining quarter of the picture.

3. In effect, I would then have created extra nubs with the plugin for the picture by working on a quarter of the big picture at a time.

4. Then, of course, by flattening the four layers, I would get the final product.

5. Still hopeful for a better solution.

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