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Milky's Gallery!!!


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How did I miss your gallery before, :oops: its postively marvelous! I really like this one flow.jpg

just a brief explination please on how you did that.


Dunno, I can't see the Image :D

But Anyway, they arent 100%PDN, because the renders are C4D, I tried for a long time to get things that looked like that, and failed miserably, but all of the background and a lot of the effects on the renders are my own. I get a render with a transparent background and muck around. On 'the Ring' one, I made a circle, used the flames method and shape 3D a lot, the pupil was a 3D'd circle, and the fire was flame method with zoom blur, bulge and overlays (about 25 layers in total)...


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I like the last image you made, the one with the stars. It's so nice! How'd you do the stars? Did you just use the "Stars" effect and then just pasted it over and over again? Very, very nice work.

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