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Reflection and light sources, possible?

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Hi all collective Paint.NET geniuses,

I have this shape as you see that I'm working on. I want to try and make a faded mirror image of it below it to give the impression that it's on a shiny floor. Obviously it has to be upside down to look like this reflection. I'm not sure how to do this.

Also, what if I were to fill the inside of the square with something that resembles a bright light. Is there a way to make the 'floor' in front of this square appear as thought there is light being cast down on the floor in front of it? I know that part might not be possible.


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After you have your image exactly how you want it (finished) you'll need to flatten the image. After you have flattened the image goto the layers window and duplicate the layer. Then, flip the layer vertically, Layer > Flip > Vertical. That will give you the base for your "mirror image". Next, do a little Gaussian blur and adjust the trasparency level to your liking. You will then need to create a semi-transparent gradient (http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=986) ontop of the mirrored image to create the fade effect.

As far as the light source in the middle of the square, I'm not sure if you mean a simple highlight or something like a sun shining through. For a highlight you would use a gradient, trasparent or opaque, depending on the type of "finish" your square will have. Since your square is sitting at an angle you would have to rotate and possibly pan (Layers > Rotate/Zoom) the layer with your highlight to match it up correctly.

Lastly, the reflection of a light source on the floor can be achieved by creating an ellipse, blurring it, resizing it, and adjusting the opacity (not necessarily in that order).

NOTE: Always experiment on a new layer. It's much easier to undo mistakes.

I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for or if I am totally off-base. Anyway, I hope this helps you.


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