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start of Paint.net 2.6 takes a long time to start


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There's also the whole issue of whether or not PDN is the first app using .NET. The first time you start up the program, it has to initialize .NET if it's not already started, so you're actually waiting for two things before you see the interface.

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The main things I've seen that cause Paint.NET to start slowly are the following:

1) You only have 256 MB of RAM and are running multiple anti-virus / anti-spyware / anti-malware programs. Paint.NET runs okay with 256 MB RAM, but having all those other "watchdog" services running really knocks the wind out of systems with less than 512 MB. Please note that I am NOT recommending that you disable these, I am merely explaining their impact on performance.

2) Your hard drive has not been defragmented for awhile. I recommend running the defragmentation tool that comes with Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter

3) You have less than 256 MB of RAM. I recommend getting more when you can :)

4) You have a very very slow CPU (like 300 MHz). I recommend getting something faster when you can :)

Dan is also right that on "cold" startup, it can be slow if no other .NET app has been run recently. On my system Paint.NET comes up almost instantly (0.6 seconds CPU time as reported by Process Explorer) most of the time, but if I've just started up my computer it might take 5 seconds or so during which the hard disk grinds away. Then again, pretty much everything is sluggish right after startup on most systems.

I've spent a lot of time optimizing Paint.NET's startup performance and have had a lot of help from Josh Williams (whose job is .NET performance). There are still cases, like those listed above, where all the optimization in the world won't save you.

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The processor/ram looks fine (pretty good, actually).

The AntiVir might be scanning the file as you open it. I've noticed that Norton makes stuff like Microsoft Word (and Word files) open like 2x longer because it's scanning for viruses.

Try Rick's #2 suggestion...Defragmenting is different from Reformatting (I've seen many people mis-read it)...it doesn't hurt the computer at all, but it does help your harddrive access files faster.

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What is the definition of slow?

On my rig with Athlon XP 2500+ and 512MB of RAM a "cold" startup takes about 13-15 seconds and a "warm" takes 3-4 seconds. To me those numbers are quite acceptable.

I also have AntiVir V7 and it shouldn't in any way be the problem.


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