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  1. Pencil should have an own window within Paint.net where you can set paintbrush size...
  2. HI I think a dust removal function for photos would be great
  3. I just capture an image to the clipboard, then I pasted it into Paint.net. Until the program reacts on my commands, it take a few seconds. my configuration is in my signature
  4. Paint.net reacts really slowly on images with sizes like e.g. 1700x700
  5. looks great have you paint this with a mouse?
  6. I know that Kodak Photo Imaging which is supplied with Windows XP can do this. So maybe this would be a good addition to Paint.net
  7. 9 seconds cold start 6 seconds hot start HD was defragmented before
  8. I have a A64 3000+ 1GB Ram running AntiVir 7.0 in background Can this cause the problems?
  9. A CHM help file has the advantage that you can search the whole document. Which you can't do at the moment
  10. this is not really a bug Paint.net 2.6 takes a long time to start
  11. Left color, should be activated with LEFT mouse button Right color should be activated with RIGHT mouse button currently it is vice versa
  12. ability to move toolbars to places where you want similar like in MS Word
  13. support for a new window in Paint.net where you can just make settings for the brushes
  14. WinXp already has such a interface built-in
  15. are there also other good programs which can do this?
  16. I think the division is really clear - General: support questions - Suggestions: Wishlist request for next version - Bug Report: for reporting problems with the program - Localization: questions for other langugaes - German localization: special forum for German users and the Paint.NET Technical / Development stays as it is. I Also don't think that this new ordering would clutter the forum too much
  17. if these commands could be implemented into the rightclick contextmenu, if you click on an image, this would be much better
  18. with the standard commands like Cut Copy Paste Delete -- Select all Think this woul be quite useful
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