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  1. an effect browser would be really useful
  2. Pencil should have an own window within where you can set paintbrush size...
  3. HI I think a dust removal function for photos would be great
  4. I just capture an image to the clipboard, then I pasted it into Until the program reacts on my commands, it take a few seconds. my configuration is in my signature
  5. reacts really slowly on images with sizes like e.g. 1700x700
  6. looks great have you paint this with a mouse?
  7. I know that Kodak Photo Imaging which is supplied with Windows XP can do this. So maybe this would be a good addition to
  8. 9 seconds cold start 6 seconds hot start HD was defragmented before
  9. I have a A64 3000+ 1GB Ram running AntiVir 7.0 in background Can this cause the problems?
  10. A CHM help file has the advantage that you can search the whole document. Which you can't do at the moment
  11. this is not really a bug 2.6 takes a long time to start
  12. Left color, should be activated with LEFT mouse button Right color should be activated with RIGHT mouse button currently it is vice versa