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Is it possible to convert a pdn file on a good way to a pdf file?

I know i can save it as a tiff file and than convert to pdf, but I think I gonna loose quality here...

Is there a good tool to convert to pdf without losing much quality?

Thanks in advance...


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.PNG is a lossless image format. You can convert from PNG to PDF without losing quality, but as of yet, it can't be done with PDN. Try saving it with PNG and using another program to convert it to PDF. Maybe someone might code a filetype plugin someday, but it hasn't happened yet...

Hope this helps!


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I would recommend installing something like PDF ReDirect. It is a free PDF creator that installs as a printer option, so when you want to export your artwork simply select Print in Paint.NET and choose PDF ReDirect as the target printer. PDF ReDirect allows you to choose the quality of the reproduction.

:) thats what I use too. I love it, small and it works for anything that has a print option (which is almost everything).

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All you do is embedding a picture in PDF instead of TIFF or PNG.

PDF, like TIFF, are more containers than real compression formats.

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Yes things have moved on - which is why we ask that you do not reply to old threads.

Have a look at this plugin ImPDF Filetype

Because this thread is ancient - it is <locked>

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