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  1. Just as an update midora: I clicked on the the Plugin, then on check for latest version. Ended up on a ComSquare site forum that had info from 2012. No updates, interaction, i. e.posts allowed. Example gif file of Swiss flag blowing in the breeze with 8 previous posts, not since 2012. Searched up ComSquare in Switzerland, clicked on info@ComSquare.ch and got kicked off the net. This was on a German language site listing using Yahoo. English not available. Beware of other ComSquare sites in U.A.E and India to name a few. This is not my idea of sourcing a pdf converter! Anyone else have
  2. OK midora I'll try that. By the way, like your rolling sea—mesmerizing.—enkidu
  3. OK midora. But what about all those spec boxes I have to fill in? Transfer files to different subdirectories and such. Do you find this easy to do?
  4. Thanks midora and Djisves. Paint.net search resulted in a plethora of topics but specifically pdn to pdf was not except for one recommendation to use "dopdf". I looked this up but am leery of the nova upgrade for a fee. Martin Osieka's Plugin looks awesome but formidable. In my search it was mentioned that Ghostwriter is a third party interpreter that I need to install. Isn't there something simpler? I'm just a simple writer trying to get my book cover converted to pdf so I can take it to a printer.specifically Create Space—enkidu
  5. I asked this question in 2015. Anything a little more recent since technology has changed?
  6. While I enjoy reading through the forum, may I suggest that a search function be added to look up a topic quickly? I would like to know the quickest and easiest way to save my file created on PDN in a pdf format. Can't see this option available on "Save As".
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