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Request: Make images appear shiny (example in post)

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This is generally a request to convert my Magic: The Gathering pictures from their regular version scans to versions that look foiled or holographic .. see below for comparison.. Something to alter the pic on the left to look like (as close as possible) the pic on the right. (The sizing is irrelevant)

Island.full.jpg -- Island.fullfoil.jpg

The request is either a plug-in.dll or a tutorial (i'm completely newbish when it comes to working with photo editing programs.)

Any advice in the right direction; and especially a plug-in would be unimaginably appreciated.


-Nick (nshamas@gmail.com)

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Add new layer.

Fill with any light color alpha=100 (don't use black,white or gray)

Use Conditional Hue/Saturation (Fade verticle) *full rage on color wheel*

Use some distort (Wave, sine wave) a few times,repeat as needed, mix and match...

Adjust the layer's opacity if needed.


EDIT: too slow :(

A list & links to plugins on my googlepage


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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You play magic? So do I.

In fact, I'm also a moderator at http://www.magictraders.com

Cool that you also play Magic, though I don't care too much for MTGTraders -- no offense. It's not the moderators, but rather the large amount of unavoidable asses that peruse the forums with their cocky attitudes.

I used to sell cards via the forums, but not anymore .. due to said cockers.

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I didn't mean to undermine your position on MTGTraders.com.

Thanks for the tips, Ash. I messed with it a bit, and came up with this; with time I will get better at this; I just followed your steps to see how it would come out if I did it. So it turns out I can do it :wink:.


Thanks Again,


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No problem. You should use some distort as stated above, unless thats the look you are going for.

I did, in fact, use Sine Wave .. but I just didn't play with it long enough to make the Black Lotus look quite as realistic... I just wanted to let you know t hat I had gotten it, and thank you =)

I'm a mod at magictraders.com not mtgtraders.com

I know, I just call it MTGTraders.com, but like I said no offense to you- just don't care for the site. =/

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