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Request~Katara's Necklace

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I wouldn't go for that myself. Personally, I would draw a circle, add some shine with lowered opacity (F4 on the relevant layer), then finally add the design and maybe that too with lower opacity. Really, only four layers are necessary: base circle, shine, design and the gold connector from the jewel to the band.

If you wish for detailed instructions just ask.

Hope this swings you in the right direction :D.

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I haven't looked at it, though I assuming so, yes. Maybe with a modification or two to meet needs. I'm sure TakeMangaka could provide a link if you can't find it (although you could try Search first :wink:).

Even if you're still new to all this, your request can easily be accomplished and is a good start in using Paint.NET.

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The icon of the folder you downloaded will have a zipper on it. Right-click on this folder and select Extract All... Click Next twice, then Finish, and Windows will open up a new window with the DLL sitting in it. Copy this file into the Effects folder. :)

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OK, you need to download this file:

http://mkt.t-cat.biz/pdn/dl.cgi?mode=dl ... 3D_1_2_4_2

Which will download Shape3D_1_2_4_2.zip save it to your desktop. After it is finished downloading, click the Open button (or double click on the Shape3D_1_2_4_2.zip file) This will open a window that lists a single file: Shape3D.dll you need to copy that file to your Effects folder.

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All plugins are DLL files and therefore need to be copied to your Effects folder.

(That is, unless they are filetype plugins. Tha'sa whole nother thang.)

I see you have "feather.dll" in there. Does "feather" show up under Effects > Blur > Feather ?

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