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Another Raw File Loader Plugin


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Bob: the only difference is a little gui in mine, thats about it (more is planned)

the quality of the images should be the same. One would be insane not to base raw importing on DcRaw :D

Squ1rrel: Check the Known issues on my page, then you can see why saving with "Save" is not possible, but "Save as" works..it's a paint.net thing.

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Hi Telesto,

First thank you for going to the trouble to create this plug-in and making it available to people!

I installed it and successfully loaded in several of my Canon EOS 30D CR2 RAW images using your plug-in and then Saved As a BMP with no problem. I confirmed the BMP save by opening the BMP in another app. It works fine!

It is slower than the Canon RAW viewer/editor, which is not surprising, I guess. It loads a CR2 file and displays it in its proprietary viewer/editor in about 1 second, whereas Paint.NET using your plug-in does it in about 8 seconds (timed using my stop watch).

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Hi djosborne1

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.

The speed is not impressive I know, but hopefully some smaller speed improvements can be made over time.

You could try downloading one of the optimized DcRaw binaries compiled for your specific processor, maybe that could speed things up.

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This is a great attachment :D, however when I open this, all of my .cr2 images appear unnaturally red. Also, there is significantly reduced contrast, as well as some loss in color information when I bring my cr2 file into PDN.

For these reasons, when using this, my normally vibrant .cr2 photos are turning bland. I know what they should look like because I have other cr2/raw viewers, and Adobe CS2 with which to base this observation...

It would be great to have some kind of way to manually correct the white-balance, saturation and contrast through the Raw GUI before ever loading it into PDN.

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