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  1. Hi djosborne1 You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. The speed is not impressive I know, but hopefully some smaller speed improvements can be made over time. You could try downloading one of the optimized DcRaw binaries compiled for your specific processor, maybe that could speed things up.
  2. I don't know that much about the whole HDR thing, so a HDR plugin would have to be made by someone else. I don't know if it's possible.
  3. Bob: the only difference is a little gui in mine, thats about it (more is planned) the quality of the images should be the same. One would be insane not to base raw importing on DcRaw Squ1rrel: Check the Known issues on my page, then you can see why saving with "Save" is not possible, but "Save as"'s a thing.
  4. I know one already exists, but when I found this: my plugin was almost done. So I thought I would go ahead and release mine anyway. Full description of features and downloads can be found Right Here!