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Dimensions of Sheets, and the amount of DPI [Updated]

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Following the question on this topic i thought that it was a good idea to put here the standard sizes

so that we can come here and just see what are the standardizations <-- correct me please :) -- for the sizes of parper and the resolution we have to select at the beginning of the image processing

for more info on this matter go here

so here's the table


Tutorial <-- I know this shouldn't be here but it was just not to complicate too much the forum, if I must change please tell me so.

Select new file (obviously:))


Select the page type you chose (A2,A3,A4 ... ) with the wanted resolution (72, 150, 300 ... ) the higher you chose the larger will be the file size.

1. Insert the value that you got from the table. For vertical consider the value in the order 'Width x Height' for an horizontal page insert in this order 'Height x Width'

2. Make sure you have pixels/inch selected in the box, then insert the value of DPI you chose in the beggining.

3. You can can probably see now the values for the print either in inches or centimeters, whatever is selected.

Okay now it's up to you to say something about it :)

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