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Locking layers

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I have made an image which consists of four layers and now i want to move the content of layer 3 & 4 to positioning them elsewhere in the image, however i can't seem to figure out how this is done - ie. i have looked for some locking mechanism which would enable me to lock the layers and move the stuff i want, but i can't find it !

Does this mean that it's not possible to move contents from two layers at the same time in PDN or do i miss something ?

also i have thought of just merging the two layers, but i'm reluctant to do this, because i'm not sure that it is possible to un-merge them again should i want to change something in one of the layers !

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It is only possible to move things on one layer at a time by using the selection tools and move pixel tool (all found on the top section of the toolbox); there is also no 'lock layers' feature as of yet.

As for merge, you may undo (Ctrl + Z) the last action you did (if it is the merge) but if you have done many things after that when you undo you will have to undo all the steps that came after.


1. merge

2. edit 1

3. edit 2

4. edit 3

If you feel you need to unmerge you will have to undo, but that also means undoing edits 1-3 as well.

Hope this helps and makes sense.

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That's a huge disappointment :( - but, thanks anyway

This feature must be added to the everexpanding To-Do list, because i feel that a great program like PDN definitely should include this feature also - ie. it's only natural to have this option when one has the ability to work with layers and it doesn't make any sense why it shouldn't be there.

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The built-in Rotate/Zoom tool 'remembers' its last used settings.

So to move two or more layers by the same amount, just run Rotate/Zoom on each layer without changing the settings.
Perhaps not an ideal solution but Effect plugins can only access the active layer.


Bit of a 'necropost' sorry - if you are having problems halotroop please start a new thread. ;)


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Got my hopes up for Myrddin's return.


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