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  1. Hi I came across this image: And I think the shattered glass look really great, so therefore I would like make a suggestion for a plugin which would make it possible to apply a shattered glass effect. I'll imagine that it could work something like this: 1. Draw a circle to determine where the hole should be. 2. a menu will appear containing a few sliders which will be used to determin: 1. Hole radius slider to determine the radius of hole in the surface for example 0 value = no breached surface while a higher value would create a hole in the surface. 2. Shatter radius ie. for example 0 value = no shattering in the edge of the hole while a higher value would create a wider shattering in the surface around the hole. 3. Number of cracks means how many crack(s) should be generated 4. Length of the cracks simply means how far out from the edge of the hole will the cracks reach. In order to better illustrate what I mean, then I have made an image of how the user interface could look like: I think it is clear to everyone that I have built my mockup on the drop shadow plugin. The reason is that it has the shadow offset which is a very handy feature to add to this plugin in order to easily apply depth to a hole the combining will save a user the task of having to use the Drop Shadow afterwards. I hope a few of you can follow my idea and I hope that there are one or two in our community with good enough programming skills to make such a plugin.
  2. Hi I'm sorry for not providing some rather crucial information in my initial post ! The image originally was a 13mb CR2 file (Canon Raw) which I converted in photoshop - after the conversion I ended up with to the 522kb .jpeg file Alle the images are portraits and the background was black-ish in color, so I'll guess this is the reason why photoshop were able to compress the image down to that size. I still have access to the .jpeg files and also photoshop, now is the question if I should try and chop the images and save them afterwards using photoshop instead of using pdn ?
  3. Hi I'm sorry if the topic title doesn't leaves the correct impression on what my problem is. I have a .jpeg image which originally had the dimensions 5184 x 3456 and the size was 522kb I have cropped the image and its dimensions is now 2009 x 2997 and saved it as a jpeg again - in the Save Configuration dialog I choose the quality to be 100. The end result is that I now got an image which has the size of 2.07mb ! Why did the image size increase 4 times ? What did I do wrong ?
  4. Hi Rick Thank you for answering. I think you're right, so I'll order a new mouse.
  5. Hi Thank you for your answer - I have just checked and made sure that the selection mode is set to the default which is 'Replace'. After that I did quite a few attempts at 'provoking' the Rectangle Selection tool to deselect and I was successful a few times (if one can call that a success...). Whether or not this is a bug I'm not sure of, right now I'll blame it on my old mouse - until I hear from other users besides you, as I think that it is only fair to a program which I haven't had any problems with that I can remember of.
  6. Hi Jim100361 Well, driver wise then I haven't really thought of this and whether or not this could be the issue. I'm using a desktop and a mouse with a cord, so this sorta rules any laptop/mouse battery issues out. Maybe the problem lies with my trusty old mouse - maby I should start thinking about replacing it. Anyway, thank you for replying
  7. Hi I'm experiencing a strange issue in PDN and I'm wondering whether it is a bug or not. The issue is occurs when I use the Rectangle Selection tool to drag a rectangle, because the very instant I release the mouse button the selection becomes deselected - I suspect that PDN treat the mouse button release as another click on the mouse button which do in fact deselect the selection. The problem sometimes start after I have used the PDN for a while, but can also occur when I start to use PDN. The Rectangle Selection tool is the only tool which has this odd behavior as I don't have any issues which the rest of the tools. I'm pretty sure this problem started when I downloaded the latest version v3.5.10 I have never experienced this behavior in any other versions of PDN. Has any of you experienced similar behavior ?
  8. Hi I just want to tell you that after I have copied the .dlls to the new folder (the right one !) then they finaly show up under the 'Effects' menu. I now know what to do the next time I need to install one of many great plugins. A great THANK YOU to you @BoltBait as well as @Simon Brown and @Sarkut Ps. maybe you should add a "Win7 users: DO NOT copy the .dll into your x86 effects folder as PdN won't be able to find them" sentence to your first post in this thread. That way you won't have to waste your time answering stupid questions like mine (I'll bet I'm not the only one inhere who foocks up eerrrmmmm mess up the installation !
  9. I have already tried this before posting my frustration, but it didn't help either ! - they simply refuses to show up at the party I've ran your utility, but it didn't find any problems ! I have also posted a screenshot of my Effects folder as you requested.
  10. Hi I forgot to tell that I'm running Win7-64bit (I don't know if that is an issue) Anyway, regarding the problem then it's still the same - I suspect that the .dlls get blocked from running or something like that. I'm not a computer-wiz, so I think i'll just forget about the plugins and get on with my life (I have been using your plugs under WinXp and were quite happy use them) Ps. I've tried with other plugins and they too show up in the Effects folder, but not in PdN so the problem is not at your end !
  11. Hi I'm running version 3.5.8 of PdN and I have just downloaded the plugin pack. My problem is that the files are copied to the Effects folder, but they don't show up in PdN ? Has anyone any advice ?
  12. @HELEN Great tut, however, would you be so kind and elaborate a little more thoroughly on what i to do in the 7th. step as i'm quite confused about this step ! Step 7 says that i should make a new layer and repeat step 6 which i do - then in step 6 i'm supposed to repeat step 4, however under step 4, i'm only applying an effect ! So my notion is that i should actually go even further back (to step 2) in order to complete step 7 ! Is this correct ?
  13. Well BoltBait I'm sorry to hear that - it's very disappointing news for me and the thousands and thousands of your followers ! How can the creation of any plugin be an impossible task for the God of Plugs :wink: (i'm aware that there are other "Gods" but this one is my favourite right now ! *busy with preparing the ceremonial sacrifice of a goat while chanting nervously*)
  14. Hi BoltBait I sorta hoped you would reply 8) I have just tried your suggestion and it worked, however, i still have one edge to many ! - i guess i could just make a copy of one the be beveled ends and then copy this to a new layer and flip it, but i think it's a very cumbersome way to do it. Anyway, thank you for helping out - please give my suggestion a moment of thought i think it deserves it ! @oma Thank you for replying - i'll give the thread a look
  15. Hello I'm trying to bevel one edge of a square and to accomplish this task i have tried to use BoltBait's bevel plugin. However, even though i do my best (which isn't really that much i'm afraid !) i can't make the part where the lit and shadow meet to look like i want it to - i'm trying to remove the shadow part so, does anyone know if there exist a plugin where it is possible to just bevel one edge of a square ? *suggestion* If such a plugin don't exist then i would like to suggest that BoltBait's bevel plugin being enhanced to have this option also
  16. @Ash I have also a hard time figuring out what the purpose of this tool is :oops: - ie. one might as well just use a brush and then pick a new color from the palette, however, i can see that it is possible to transform the re-color tool into the color picker tool, which saves a few selections in the toolbox (read: less clicking on the mouse), so i'll guess it's just a matter of getting used to using the tool. btw, I think you made a good short explanation on how to use the tool
  17. Okay thanks, i haven't really noticed this before now :oops: However, after i have been toying around with this option a bit i did't find it particulay useful - ie. one can always draw a line and then make a small arrowhead to go with it. Regarding my own suggestion then i have been playing around with making even more nubs and thereby allowing the user to manipulate the arrowhead too. I really hope others would find my suggestion useable too and it is my hope that some of the code wizards inhere could write a plugin in order for my idea to come alive.
  18. Hello I think that a tool which makes it possible to make arrows would be a nice a nice feature to have in PdN. I have made a small illustation which shows how i see such a tool should/could work: Any comments would be very welcome
  19. I have been skimming a few of the many posts in this thread and can see that a few users have problems installing plugins. Well, since i'm not a computer-whiz myself i have come up with an idea which would take the "pain" out of installing plugins. My idea: 1. All plugins should be uploaded to one spot 2. Inside PDN there should be a plugin menu where users could select the plugin they wish to install and then PDN would download and install it while the user sit tight and wait ! (or fetch a cup of coffee...) I'm aware that some of you (who are proficient in and comfortable with browsing through directories and folders) might think this that thare is no need for this, however, i can guarrantee you that quite a few of us would love this feature. Please comment
  20. @Toli I've just installed your plugin and i must say that this plugin should be a standard feature in PdN - why it isn't ? (Rick) is beyond me ! Anyway, good job and well done Toli
  21. WOW that was quick ! Thank you for the fast reply pyrochild 8) I'm sorry hear the answer as this was not what i was hoping for (life = u just can't get whatever u want !) Well since i still think it's a good suggestion then i'll hope that Rick sees my post and will consider my suggestion @BoltBait I'll try you suggestion and see if it does something for me ------------EDIT--------------- I have tried both of your suggestions and i must say that in my opinion this is a bit of an annoyance, because i still have to manually zoom in to the level where i was before
  22. Hello I often work on images where i have zoomed in so i can se each pixel. This way of working means that i constantly have to zoom in and out to view my work. So I would really appreciate if i had an ability to view the part i'm working on in real its size via a small window - this is a feature i used very often when i did most of my work in MS Paint. Will such a feature eventually find its way in PdN ? If the answer is no, can any then recommend me an easier way to zoom in and out ?
  23. Thanks for your help 8) You've just about saved the day for me
  24. How do i change the extension - ie. i cannot open the file and use Save As ! - is there some other way to do it ?
  25. Hello I have spent a few hours editing images, but when i save them i cannot open them again ! The errror messages is: The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened. The only two tasks i have done which are common for all the images i have saved is a) i have merged some layers together all filenames ends with a number - for example 3.1 or 4.2 Could the reason for the error messages be that PDN thinks that .1 or .2 is the file extension ? Is there any way to recover my work ? Edit: I have just discovered that PDN don't like that that .1 or .2 is the file extension ! This is something that needs to be fixed !
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