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Hello this is my first post, topic whatsoever cause i'm newbie round here, but i've been working with PdN since 2.70 so, for some time now.

Wht i wanted to know was if, any of you could make a plugin or something alike, to make actions in PdN, or if it is not possible, to ask the programmers to develop some kind of system.

Further explanation:

Action is a tool from Photoshop, i belive some of you might know it, that i used to make mainly lightsabers, starwars like,

It basicaly consists in Recording the process of making the image, using the history as a way to save it, the steps are saved.


Then we activate it (the Action) and the code repeats all the steps that were made originaly in whatsoever way it should be used.

I used this tool many times in PhtShop.

If already there is a tool, plugin, etc... that does this this, i'm really sorry to waste time, i'm soooo newb, but please tell me where i can find this.

Well keep the great things you've been doin so far

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Miguel, that avatar is huge the maximum width limit is 100 pixels.

Edit: 1st time it was massive, I look again & it's fine, this is very strange.


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edit: irrelevant now. Thanks & welcome!

hu this is your avatar. Sorry but the forum does not resizes images before setting them as avatar.

Please resize yours, it's way too big!

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