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Turtle/Logo-ish plugin?

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This might kill 20 birds with one stone. A turtle-logo-ish plugin would allow non programming oriented(and kids) to make great use of Paint.net, as well as allow advanced people easy control. It would also allow use of many simple text type examples on the net as well as allow for an easy scripting type language use inside Paint.net. Why not use a Logo program and import it, you ask? Because within Paint.net, it would allow flexibility, and give you features that already exist on the net(why reinvent the wheel)without needing to add them to Paint.net. As a plugin you could develope it independently or Paint.net, and it would require no learning curve.

I've seen requests for being able to locate points in a layer, Logo already can do this easily. It would also add degree ability(etc 360 degrees). And you could easily create perfect circles, squares, and complex shapes that might not easily be drawn(I was gonna suggest the circle tool change colors or change shapes on perfect symmetry before I thought of this). It might also reduce the need for "brushes", a feature I saw a request for that I thought was a good idea. It adds recursion(granted, you might need to add an emergency stop button in the plugin window for infinite loops) to make trees and stuff. Users can also build one tool upon another easily, and share their tools with one another.

You can add access to internal effects, adjustments, tools, making it a scripting language of sorts; if paint.net updates something, simply create a new plugin to address the issues, and not the scripting of the language.

Consider this:

Microsoft Windows Logo32.exe takes up about 860K and includes multiple turtles, and sounds and features that could be written out of the plugin, so it would take less space. Logo/Turtle is a language of math and graphics, perfect for programs like Paint.net, and this plugin would set Paint.net above all other programs of it's class allowing people of all experience groups powerfull and easy abilities.(I could go on with more, but I'll try to limit this in case you people think this is really stupid).

I would try to write this plugin myself, but I'm having trouble making a plugin that makes a simple point on the screen in C#, 8P.

You can even make a free plugin of this type to entice, and a more powerfull one that costs(a reasonable price) for more professional usage. If ya want me to go into more detail about how I think something like this should be implemented in the effects in Paint.net, inquire(before this gets locked). I also have another great plugin idea(even better) but won't post it until I see how this thread does. I wanted to post a picture I made with Microsoft logo http://www.softronix.com/logo.html but don't know how to upload it, so I can't(it's a .png).

I almost got it......well maybe not :P

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Sorry to post to my own post, but maybe this might spark peoples interest. I made this with Windows Logo32, with very little code, and almost no modification(i shrank it and converted from BMP to PNG)


I almost got it......well maybe not :P

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If you speak to me, I know, but maybe this project can help the logo compiling or sth.

(I was speaking to the maybe-future-plugin-maker).

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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I'm glad to see interest in this. After checking out some of BoltBait's code, I'm understanding alittle more about C# symantics. The Liogo site is nice too(been there once just passing before). Being from the Commodore 64, apple2e assembler-machine language-peek poke era, and having gone for Cobol, Pascal, etc but not c or c++, I might not have the best luck(I'm trying to learn c#), but I'm gonna fool with this. If any of you have ideas or abilities, you might want to make this yourself as I can't make any promises as to my success(I'm not worthy) or time devotion. And seeing that there's already a Logo.net(Liogo) maybe you'ld be better off using that. The best other reason I can see for doing this is that it could be a great scripting language of sorts if it was able to call other already present Paint.net tools ,effects, adjustments. Oh, also you can check out the Logo Foundation http://el.media.mit.edu/logo-foundation/ for logo stuff. Maybe Boltbait is already in motion on this? Also, was gonna try to make a "custom usertool" window seperate from the "tools" for plugin developers to add shapes(triangle , hour glass, etc), but as I don't know where to start or how to put it into the "view" menu, that idea will likely be abandoned.

p.s. can anyone direct me to a good book that tells about intel OS system memory addresses(old school assembler-machine language type stuff)?

I almost got it......well maybe not :P

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...old school programming stuff...

Forget everything you know about programming and start over with C#.

And, no, I am not working on this. There just aren't enough hours in a day for me to work on all the projects that interest me. :(

I will let this bounce around in the back of my head for a while and if it bubbles up to the top, I'll let you know.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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