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Blur Tool in Paint.net

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I dont know if this is the right place to place my question or not because I'm a new member..

I've been using Paint.Net for two months and the first time I use it, I like it very much.

Compared with Adobe Photoshop, Paint.Net has a good interface and preety similiar with it.

I dont know if this is possible or now, but I have a suggestion for future release of paint.net.

I see that this program doesnt have blur tool.


I know that blurring is available in the effects menu, but what I exactly need is blur the picture like in the Photoshop blur tool. They're different.

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The "blur" tool can be effectively emulated in PDN by using the Lasso Selection(S) tool on the area you want to blur, then copying(Ctrl+C) and pasting(Ctrl+Sft+V) that selection to a new layer and Gaussian blurring that new layer.

If Using Hot Keys, this is a relative quick process.

The only problem I noticed with this process is, the opacity of the blurred layer is reduced. To fix this you may want to duplicate the blurred layer a few times.


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Rick's way:


My way:


Both look ok depending on what you are trying to do.

I like your way, but still too much work :(

Not because I'm lazy or what, but I have to edit a lot images and I feel it preety painful to do it one by one.

In paint.net, to blur the pic we have to make a selection at the pic, duplicate, and blur it, which has the result like Rick's way.

In photoshop or GIMP with blur tool, we can blur the image directly with the brush, and looks like the second example, but your way is still too much work. Isn't it easier to use blur tool like Adobe's. It's simpler :)

I'll be waiting for that :)

This is alread listed in this thread:


as a "Smudge Tool".

That's not what I meant. Smudge tool is different from the blur tool.

Look at the pic.


I looked at your link:

Smudge Tool -- No ETA.

What is No ETA?

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Estimated Time of Arrival.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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