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"Save as copy" feature request

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When I work on my games, I often want to see how a picture render in game (which means save it as a PNG) but I want to keep the layered information because it makes future modifications easier.

Currently, what I do is :


(1) File->Save.
// This preserves the layered format to .pdn.

(2) File->Save As...->Save as type->Save->Confirm Save As->Save Configuration->Flatten Prompt.
// The flattened format is now saved. At this point the workspace is now using the flat file version (e.g., .png).

(3) Edit->Undo
// The workspace is now back to using the layered file version.


What I want to do :


(1) File->Save as copy->Save->Confirm Save As->Save Configuration->Flatten Prompt.
// The flattened format is now saved and it doesn't modify the workspace !


My dream would be that there is a shortcut to save directly as a copy and that you can parameter it to apply some post-processing (like scaling because I prefer working with big images).


link to an older topic with the same request : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24725-request-and-recommended-approach-to-implement-a-save-as-copy-feature/




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Try this keyboard workaround on the master image:


Ctrl + A (Selects all)

Ctrl + Shift + C (Copy merged - i.e. everything visible composited into a single layer)

Ctrl + Alt + V (Paste in to new image)


Your current image remains open for editing while you get a brand new image to view & apply further processing. No saving is required using this technique ;)

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