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  1. Great, that's way faster ! Thanks !
  2. Hello, When I work on my games, I often want to see how a picture render in game (which means save it as a PNG) but I want to keep the layered information because it makes future modifications easier. Currently, what I do is : What I want to do : My dream would be that there is a shortcut to save directly as a copy and that you can parameter it to apply some post-processing (like scaling because I prefer working with big images). link to an older topic with the same request : Thanks, archip
  3. about necroposting

    Well, I see your point.
  4. Hello, I've necroposted twice the last few days and apparently it's forbidden (I admit I never read the rules :s) and I honestly don't understand why it was wrong in my case. However I can state why it's wrong to create a new topic about the feature I requested : - Old topics will never get an answer and when people will search for the same feature on google they may only come across old topics without the answer - It dilute the information between multiple topics (some topics contains good tips in relation to the problem) - The problem was clearly explained in a old topic (and I can't be that clear because my english is bad) What do you think ? I'll open a new topic anyway cause I'm law abiding citizen
  5. I'd love to have this feature too. How is its development going ?
  6. Sorry to resurrect this but I also think it should be an option because it's very annoying to lose the selection when we clear it. Or maybe just have a filter that clear the selection.
  7. Stray pixel remover

    I have updated the plugin!
  8. TRs Displacement Map 3D Version 2.0

    Very fun plugin, I'm sure it will be useful
  9. Stray pixel remover

    For now, the effect is applied to the entire image, I'll change this when I find how. I'll also change the menu placement. If you have suggestion post them and I'll see what I can do.
  10. Stray pixel remover

    Thanks, I've updated the first post
  11. UPDATED 08-06-13 : Now effect is applied only to the selection. The plugin is now in the Object Menu. This plugin delete small island of pixel When I use the magic wand, some pixels aren't deleted. The plugin delete them if they are surrounded by transparent pixel. : It has two parameters : - radius threshold : Delete island up to this size. - alpha threshold : A pixel will be considered transparent up to this value. Original PDN 3.5.11 version: @toe_head2001 has recompiled this plugin to make it compatible with PDN 4.0+. Use this version in prefrence to the one above:
  12. Delete stray pixel plugin

    Actually the program works well. The problem was that sometimes I launched the old version of the plugin... :S Thanks for your help, I'll make a release soon
  13. Delete stray pixel plugin

    I've solved most of my problems and I've manage to do an UI but there is still a bug. The plugin works but when I launch it 3 or 4 times, it crashes. It looks like memory leak or something but I don't understand why since there is a garbage collector in C#. I've tried different thing but nothing work. Rectangle R; Surface SURF = null; List<Point> ToDelete = new List<Point>(); protected override void OnRender(Rectangle[] rois, int startIndex, int length) { Surface src = SrcArgs.Surface; R = SrcArgs.Surface.Bounds; SURF = new Surface(R.Size); SURF.CopySurface(SrcArgs.Surface); for (int y = R.Top; y < R.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = R.Left; x < R.Right; x++) { ToDelete.Clear(); if (testForDelete(x, y, 0, true, true, true, true)) { //If we need to delete the pixel SURF[x, y] = ColorBgra.Transparent; // we delete it foreach (Point p in ToDelete) //delete contiguous pixels { SURF[p.X, p.Y] = ColorBgra.Transparent; } } } } DstArgs.Surface.CopySurface(SURF); } //return true if the pixel has to be deleted bool testForDelete(int px, int py, int dist, bool h, bool b, bool g, bool d) { if (dist > propThresHoldSlider) return false; //too far from tested pixel if (px < R.Left || py < R.Top || px >= R.Right || py >= R.Bottom) return true; //out of screen if (SURF[px, py].A == 0) return true; // transparent bool ret = true; if (ret && h == true) ret = testForDelete(px, py - 1, dist + 1, true, false, g, d); if (ret && b == true) ret = testForDelete(px, py + 1, dist + 1, false, true, g, d); if (ret && g == true) ret = testForDelete(px - 1, py, dist + 1, h, b, true, false); if (ret && d == true) ret = testForDelete(px + 1, py, dist + 1, h, b, false, true); //if surrounded only by pixel that must be deleted and pixel that are transparent, return true. if (ret) ToDelete.Add(new Point(px, py)); return ret; } I've joined the full code. I hope you will help me solve my last problems straypixelremover.txt
  14. Delete stray pixel plugin

    Yes, it's exactly the tools I want but it seems like avim hasn't developped the plugin. Also, I've found Ed Harvey's threshold effect but it isn't what I want.