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Pasting image with white text

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Hi there, i'm very very new to Paint .NET and not a designer in any way and been trying to do simple stuff using Paint .NET.


My problem is that i want to use an image (a logo really)  that has white text on it. The original file is completely transparent when i open it in Windows image visualizer or when i use it in Power Point presentations.


However, when i Copy that image and try to paste it on Paint .NET, for some reason Paint adds a white background to the image, thus making the white text in it completely disappear.

When i try to use the Magic Wand tool to make the background transparent, since it added white to the background as soon as i pasted the image, the Magic Wand makes everything disappear, including the white text part.


What should i do if i want to use an Image, a logo, that has white text in it in Paint .NET?

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Hi Cc4FuzzyHuggles. 


Yes i tried. I tried to create a new layer, completely remove any backgrounds (leaving the layer only with the squares) but when i paste the image, Paint.NET makes its background white. Only the background inside the image area, of course. But when that happens, all the white text in the image just disappears.

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I just reproduced this problem. I made a button with a transparent background and saved it as a png file. I inserted it to Powerpoint (The background is still transparent). Then I selected the image and copied to paint.net and the transparent area came back white. 


I think that the problem comes from Powerpoint.  :|


The same thing with Word.

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Found a solution.  :)


In Powerpoint, select the image and click the right button of your mouse. Now, you can "Save as Picture". Make sure you save it as a PNG file.


Open the picture with Paint.net and you should have your white text and the transparent areas.

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Hi Eli,


I tried your solution, and it works, thanks.

But I'm pretty sure that a few times ago, with one of the Paint.net's update, it was working directly (I found this pretty cool at the time I remember), and with last August update, it was not anymore. :(


Thanks for the trick! ;)




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paint.net will choose a Bitmap format over a PNG format if both are present on the clipboard.


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IIRC, there are many apps that put a poor quality PNG onto the clipboard alongside a DIB. I think it was Office that does this.


So, Paint.NET puts PNG at a lower priority.

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