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  1. Hej / Hi! Wow... I'm really impressed with your work. Tack så mycket / Thanks a lot to share your talent and your amazing skill with paint.net.
  2. Français?(John l'Américain) Il y a une option où tu peux taper le nom du programme (forcer une désinstallation ou un truc du genre), et ça va chercher tous les fichiers cachés correspondants, même si le programme est désinstallé, c'était mon cas et Revo uninstaller Pro les a tous trouvé. Dis nous si tu y parviens... If you're not French, there is an option on Revo uninstaller Pro (force desinstallation or something like that) where you can type the name of a program and it searches all the hidden files even thow the program is not installed anymore. It was my case and it found a lot of them. Tell us what's happening, there is a lot of people with a greater expertise than mine who will be able to help you if it doesn't work. I cross my fingers, Je croise les doigts,
  3. Hi, Try instructions on that link http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-set-default-programs-in-windows-10/ Have a good day
  4. What a good idea Maximilian, a ceremony like the Oscar's... Wouldn't that bee cool Lynxster? Sorry to bump like that here without invitation, Have a good evening (and congratulations for your awards) Nils --------------- EDIT 1 : Whoops I forgot Seerose... sorry.... EDIT 2 : Whoops again I also forgot Helen ... (I might make a whole album of all ther winners... )
  5. Congratulations Lynxster, very good job! All Teddies were cute and that was fun to participate !
  6. Thanks a lot for your quick answer (so I changed the image of my first post) Yes, I did download one plugin from this site. That might explain why I had to uninstall completely Paint.net in August, as I couldn't imlpement the update. I even had to use "revo uninstaller" to be able to put back a clean version of Paint.net. So for the FB group page is it OK? Thanks again
  7. Hi, Hey, Hej, Salut... This question might have been asked before, so I'm sorry in advance if that was the case. Before I joined this very cool, friendly & helpful forum, I was looking for any kind of inforfation sources regarding Paint.net. I know that the only reliable one you advise here is the current getpaint.net forum especially for Plugins downloads. I was wondering about these two I used to visit ... For the Facebook page, I joined this group a few weeks ago. and the only advise I've been giving sofar was to come here and have a look. Thanks in advance to make all that clear to me. Have a great WE,.. ... have fun & keep smiling, Nils _____________________________ EDIT : I put a sign "DANGER" following Red Ochre's answer below - Thanks to Red Ochre
  8. Hej / Hey / Hi, I do appologies in advance if I'm making a huge mistake in posting something on this almost "dead" thread. (Newbee's clumsiness might be forgiven ) When I saw this thread, I thought it would be a good way to introduce the kind of stuffs I'm doing with Paint.net, and I wanted to know what, you guys, think about it. BTW, I've been using Paint.net for 2 years now. I started from these 3 images: And I made this : Do not hesitate to comment and give me some pieces of advice, if you want to see some other ones I made, I put some of them on my FB page (link below my signature) Thanks in advance, Nils
  9. I might be completely out of the subject, but... ... but I had a huge issue a few monthes ago, and couldn't update paint.net after one update (august's one I think). I installed a software "Revo uninstaller" (which is free during a few weeks) to properly uninstall the former Paint.net's version. I had some hidden files somewhere that prevent from installing the new version. Once cleaned, everything went fine. Who knows, it might work as it did for me, I cross my fingers m2design01,
  10. That was so cool! Just wondering what kind of software do you use to animate your images Newbee supporting Newbees
  11. Thanks Pazchat (merci ) But I think that this forum has to remain in EN ... (désolé, mais le Français n'est que ma seconde langue - Je suis Suédois // Sorry but FR is only my 2nd language I'm Swedish) I worked on some new Tutorials for beginners (in FR and in EN), but they are not 100% ready yeat. In the meanwhile, I made an introduction for my Youtube Channel. My objective is to make some videos for the fun, and to share my little knowlege on Paint.net I will start with some really basic stuffs, and then will make some more complicated things. I also wanted to talk about some Plug-in, but I don't know if I can, I was wonderinf if all plugins were available for sharing with any public? Let me know (I will ask the question with a Private message to an administrator) Have a great WE !!
  12. Hi, Here is my trial, the background is a picture modified, the teddy bear is one of my creation, 100% paint.net. Happy new year to all of you!
  13. Hi Eli, I tried your solution, and it works, thanks. But I'm pretty sure that a few times ago, with one of the Paint.net's update, it was working directly (I found this pretty cool at the time I remember), and with last August update, it was not anymore. Thanks for the trick! ByeeEE
  14. Thanks a lot for this update! I had a question... I remember that in one of the former versions (can't remember which one), I could prepare some text effects with powerpoint for e.g. (wordart) and copy/paste on Paint.net without issue. When I do it now, there is a white backgroung on the wordart object instead of the transparent one I had on Powerpoint. I hope I was clear enough, thanks in advance, I wish you a great New Year's Eve
  15. Thanks a lot for your nice comments and your welcoming messages Here is a picture manipulation with some... "newbees" on the Rushmore mount... I wish you all a great New Year's Eve! My new year's resolution will be to make some more Tuto, and in English this time!
  16. Hi everybody, I'm a newbe here on the forum. I started to post a tutorial on Youtube. Here is chapter N°1 Hope you will enjoy watching it. If you want I can try to make an English version. I wish you all a Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noël - god Jul !
  17. Oh Thanks a lot Eli! I will make some more then! There is a lack of tutorial in French for Paint.net. I will try to find some inspiration here. But I will always mention the credit of the idea if it's not mine. As I made a mistake on my first post, here is an impossible / ulikely picture,.. Hope everybody knows why! Merry Chistmas to all of you!
  18. I try to show you what I made. This guy is an English Youtuber, The image is a caricature of one of his hilarious video. I also made a Turorial on Youtube, it's in French, here is the link. ----------------- [EDIT] Sorry.... it's not a picture..... but a caricature, I'm in the wrong post
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