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Which tool did I use?

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Okay, so yesterday I was making some photos for a project I was doing. I recolored it and did special effects as usual, but I did something, then I was able to mirror it, (as shown in the photo)


I forgot how I did it since it was so late at night, and when I searched up on youtube, it didn't really look familiar. And when I tried it on the original photo, it didn't look the same. Can you help figure out which tool I used?


(Edit) Sorry, the photo didn't show up for some reason. Ill try again.


(Edit) Can't add it -_- So I will make it my profile pic.


(Edit) Alright nevermind, I can't make it my profile pic either. I can't delete this thread so does a mod have to delete this thread?

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Hey Zee!  Welcome to the forum.


Upload the photo to an image hosting site (Photobucket, ImgUr, TinyPic, ImageShack....,) and post the URL here.


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Hello. :)
You can mirror an object by placing it on it's own layer and then go up to Menu Bar > Layers > Flip. (paint.net documentation: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/LayersMenu.html) If you need more help feel free to ask.

You can also try some plugins that mirror objects. (How to install plugins?)
-- Mirror Over Line
-- Toli's Effects
-- Mirror Selections

For sharing photos, be sure you aren't trying to upload a picture that is in the pdn format. The pdn format is paint.net's format, which is the format that keeps your image in functional layers. The pdn format is the recommended format when you are making images and want to keep the ability to edit layers. When you want to share an image, or open an image with another program, or upload it to the internet, you will want to flatten it and then save it as a normal format, such as png (best quality) or jpeg (small file size/best for web use).
To know or learn more, here are some threads that might help you.
-- Saving your image with different file types.
-- How to Use Images in Your Posts, Signatures, and Avatars.

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