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*new* Tutorial Graveyard

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In an effort to clean up the Tutorial section of the forum I've created a new Tutorial sub-forum; the Tutorial Graveyard http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/47-tutorial-graveyard/


As you can probably guess.  This is where dead tutorials go. 


So how exactly does a tutorial die?  Well, the easiest way is for the links to the images to become broken.  Without images the tutorial becomes frustrating to use.  So we 'bin' them :devlish:  Occasionally something is posted which is inappropriate, or is just rubbish.  These too will be binned (or deleted).


If, as an author of a tut that has been interred in the Graveyard, you wish to restore the images you are free to do so.  Encouraged to do so.  You can edit your tutorial just like any of your other posts.  Replace the links & let a Mod know so the tutorial can be raised from the pile of undead and restore to it's rightful place.  Job done.



We *may* purge the Tutorial Graveyard from time to time.  If you think a tut has been mistakenly placed there - please let a Mod know.

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Thanks Pixey.  I'm not finished yet - there is a pile of tuts to be shifted across.  I do a handful when I get time.  All this digging..... :lol:

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