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Water Reflect and Mountains/Mountain Range Profiles?

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Hiya guys!


Really sorry if I'm posting some obvious questions (or if I'm posting them in the wrong spot, if so then mods please let me know so I can know for the future) but I need help using the water reflect plugin and making Mountains and/or Mountain range profiles. 


Regarding the Water Reflect, I just can't seem to figure out how to work it at all. I tried messing around with the settings and stuff but it just doesn't make any sense.  :/


Regarding the Mountains/Mountain Profiles, what I have in mind (which may help you teach me if you have an idea of what I want to do with it) is a mountain range with a pond/lake beneath it that's reflecting a beautiful starry sky with an aurora. 


If anyone knows how to make mountains or work the water reflect please let me know, many thanks in advance!



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Moved to paint.net Discussions & Questions ;)

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When I use the plugin, I first duplicate my image, then I run the plugin on the duplicated layer.


I'm not sure what you mean by things won't work for you though, so could you say which adjustments you are having troubles with?

All of the adjustments function for me, but I did notice that the "Duration" slider only shows effects when you have the Option "Transparent Water" checked.

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To get to know the plugin open a picture you took or have of a mountain with sky behind it. A field in front is a plus.  Now run the Water Reflection plugin and adjust the Waves Period to 8.00, and the wind to -2,00 and you will start to see the effect. You can adjust the Distance up and down to change the reflection point. You can also adjust the Distort a little either way to distort the reflection. If you use the Transparent water selection you will have to first add a colored background layer underneath it, dark blue or black work pretty good but experiment with other colors. The trick for this plugin is to not make big changes, adjust the sliders one click at a time. Hope this helps.


Here is an example with the exact settings I just told you and I used the transparent water selection with a background layer that was a darker blue than the sky. You can also make your own images to water reflect but that would be a few mini tutes. Hope this helps you get it to work. 





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