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Pasting from Photoshop and retain transparency

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Hey everyone,

I've been using paint.net for years now and there's one thing I often think I'd love to see.


Pasting a semi-transparent image from photoshop and retaining the semi-transparency.


For some reason it always comes out as a flat white backgrounded image, which is strange because pasting within photoshop doesn't have the same problem, so it must have the alpha data in the clipboard.

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Hi there :) .  If you can get the image in a PSD format you can upload it in Paint.net.  I believe v4 comes with the PSD file plugin, if not here  it is.  All you do is open Paint.net and then search for the PSD file and then open it.


Hope this is what you wanted ;)


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Hey Pixey, thanks for your reply.


I can see what you mean, opening the psd file in paint.net does make sense to an extent, but I generally like to cut up my images in photoshop before transferring to paint.net ..

I generally deal with complex photoshop psds which aren't easy to work with in paint.net - i.e. they have groups of layers, which aren't atall handled by paint.net.

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Yeah, I know I can save the layer as a png and open that png in PDN.

That's the way I currently do things, but it's a pain in the neck.


I'm asking why it's not possible to simply cut and paste. Why paint.net removes the alpha information from the image in the clipboard.

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If your looking for an explanation/discussion, try this thread http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28872-alpha-value-clipboard-bug/?p=412076


The format in PDN was chosen for the way PDN works internally. There are multiple formats that a clipboard image can have. Photoshop doesn't "copy" as a format that  PDN can "paste". PDN does copy as a format Photoshop can paste. Maybe Photoshop should give the user a choice?

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Clipboard items are more complex to handle than most users expect.

Search the forum and you fill find several threads about it.

Even in Paint.NET in 4 Rick had to adjust the handling because the import from Excel no longer worker after he priorized PNG against DIB.


The first thing you should do is to use a tool like DADRoots to check which formats are on the clipboard.

If it is just a simple 32bit DIB then you lost. If it is a DIB V5 there maybe a chance that something can be done.

But at the end Rick has to decide what he implements.

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Not sure if this plugin will help you at all, but I've always enjoyed it :



You might have to work a little backwards with TOA, as in you open your images in paint.net first, then use TOA to open the image, or a layer of the image, in your other image editor. Once you are in the other image editor, make your changes to the image/layer, then save it, then return to paint.net, and click ok.

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Actually, it's not very complicated at all once you learn it/get used to it.
For example, it's not too bad to open the image in paint.net, duplicate the image, then run TOA on the duplicated layer, then in the other image editor you could cut out the background, save your progress, then return to paint.net and click ok.
However, I recommend using TOA when paint.net is going to be the main editor for a project, as I'm not sure it would be a great idea to do large scale edits with another image editor through TOA.
It's not copying/pasting, but it is a bit of an alternative that skips copying and pasting all together. :)

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