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  1. ^ Refer to my previous reply @Cc4FuzzyHuggles - That's very interesting. Quite a complicated idea, probably not as useful as I like to imagine it will be, but interesting nonetheless.
  2. Haha yeah. Dear Adobe, please create a customisable clipboard data feature so that I can more easily use an cheaper, better, alternative product. kthx.
  3. Hmm, so it just doesn't cope with the photoshop clipboard image format in terms of alpha values and has no plans to.
  4. Yeah, I know I can save the layer as a png and open that png in PDN. That's the way I currently do things, but it's a pain in the neck. I'm asking why it's not possible to simply cut and paste. Why paint.net removes the alpha information from the image in the clipboard.
  5. Hey Pixey, thanks for your reply. I can see what you mean, opening the psd file in paint.net does make sense to an extent, but I generally like to cut up my images in photoshop before transferring to paint.net .. I generally deal with complex photoshop psds which aren't easy to work with in paint.net - i.e. they have groups of layers, which aren't atall handled by paint.net.
  6. Hey everyone, I've been using paint.net for years now and there's one thing I often think I'd love to see. Pasting a semi-transparent image from photoshop and retaining the semi-transparency. For some reason it always comes out as a flat white backgrounded image, which is strange because pasting within photoshop doesn't have the same problem, so it must have the alpha data in the clipboard.
  7. Hey all, just a little issue I've noticed. If you have an image at 100%, then zoom out and back in (say, hold ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel down a few clicks and then back) you will see the image is now strangely anti-aliased, despite supposedly being zoomed to 100%. It only reverts to normal if you click into the 100% box and press enter. Hope it gets fixed because.. zooming in and out with the mouse is, as i'm sure you know.. very useful.
  8. Fantastic, I very much look forward to it
  9. Haha 2D, true but when creating web backgrounds that horizontally repeat... Fixed in v4? Thats fantastic news! Do you know when it will be released? We're still on 3.5 right?
  10. I love paint.net, used it for years and was really glad to see there's finally an update. However, I'm surprised to see the only major bug that bothers me hasn't been fixed.. I can't be the only one that notices it. To replicate the issue, create a new image with dimensions 1px by 500px, Fill it in with a colour, Zoom in to 2550% (occurs at some other random zoom levels too) Scroll to the bottom of the image, With the select tool, try and select the bottom of the image.. - it selects random chunks. The way I get around it in day to day life is to stretch the image much wider.. do my work, and then shrink it back down again to 1px (which is a big pain). This bug doesn't just occur when it's 1px, it can be 5 or 10 sometimes too.