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Fill blank image with a pattern?

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Hello, I am trying to draw a pattern and have it fill my blank canvas in Paint.NET.  But, I've been unsuccessful at accomplishing this.  I would like to draw the following patterns and fill up my entire picture:


1). Draw a circle within a circle pattern (i.e. a small circle/ring at the center of my image and then a larger one outside of that one and then a larger one outside of that one, etc... until the entire image is filled up.  I would like to control the thickness of the circles and spacing between each.


2). Draw a pattern of 5 stars (not filled - just the outline) to fill a blank image (i.e. n # of rows by x # of columns).


3). Draw a grid pattern over my entire image (perhaps one layer of horizontal lines and another of vertical lines).  Again to fill the entire canvas (blank image) where I can control the spacing and thickness of the lines.


Any assitance on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.  I would ultimately like to print these patterns on a transparency sheet of paper for a project I'm working on.  Thank you very much for your time.


Kindest Regards,


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Hello Datacrypt,


1. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28267-slinky-eccentric-ellipses-new-21st-april-2014/

2. not sure what you are after - have a dig around in the Plugin Index here -


there are various shape making plugins that can do stars and I believe 4 has a shape tool too. Then there are various Tiling plugins or the built-in Rotate and Zoom which has a tiling option too.

3. Again try the plugin Index - Perhaps 'GridMaker' or 'Diagonal Lines' would help.


Hope that helps - good luck!


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Hi @Data - Yes @Red's Plugins are awesome and give amazing results :) .  Just look at the Slinky - isn't that awesome B) .


There is another Plugin (which can be found via @Red's link in his post for Plugins) called "Random Shape Fill" by Pyrochild.  It has all types of shapes that you can make to fill a layer ;)


All those plugins should keep you busy a while :P .


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