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Saving cut outs

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Hi, this is a fantastic program and I look forwerds to getting to know it better, but ; when I use the eraser to "Cut-out" a selection, I can select it and copy it, I can then open a new drawing and create a new layer where I paste the selection in, --- works wonder, but only in that session. As when I save the remains , the selection I made by erasing all around it, then the erased background turn white in the saved new drawing or if I want to save and reuse that cut-out. Becaurse, if I the day after start the program again and open the drawing with the selection to copy it again, then background are white and not checker pattern. I must simply make a new selection by erasing the white with now the right mouse button where before I could use the left button for eraser --- 


How do I save a cut-out so that the background don't turn white when saved ?

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.jpg definitely wont do it (as you've already found out)


Ignoring the transparency bit for a min I would never recommend saving a "working file" as a jpg, only a finished one.


Like other programmes I suspect it will be best to save working files as .pdn (it's native format), or some other sort of lossless format. Repeated saving as a jpg risks degrading the image (IMHO)

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If you are saving a master file as a pdn file, add a copy of your original image as a non-visible layer.

You can do the same with removed selections. Paste them into as new layer and hide it.

These techniques ensure your deconstructed image can be restored if needed.

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How do I save a cut-out so that the background don't turn white when saved ?


I'm going to offer a guess here.


If you begin a new workfile in PDN you will always have a default white layer named Background. When saving any workfile to an image format, your image will be flattened meaning the above visible layers will merge sequentially onto all visible bottom layers forming one final layer.


Therefore, if this resembles the case you are speaking of, in the "Layers" window, simply remove the checkmark from any layers you do not wish to keep (i.e. Background) before saving in an image format.


Cheers B)


P.S. If you are intending to keep cutouts or various stock photos for future uses the I would suggest saving them as images in .png format. Then, when you want to insert them into a new project you can simply access the "Layers" tab and use "Import From File" to add them into your active layer.


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